Sunday, November 08, 2009

style savvy

whenever we do online research for work, we encounter lotsa crap. lotsa fun crap, that is. sometimes that's why work takes so long because our brain welcomes fun crap—why write when we can waste the day away with mindless albeit entertaining drivel. like look what we found this morning: something called style savvy, which is similar to looklet, only this one is cartoony and guess what, it scores you on your styling skills! it's an actual game by nintendo! but you can play for free on "the official site of style savvy by nintendo". try it!

here's a review by's the moment.

WOMEN'S FASHION November 2, 2009, 5:34 PM
Geek Chic | Retail Therapy With Style Savvy

What’s more fun, working in fashion or pretending that you do with Style Savvy, a new video game that was released today? Tough call. For the past week, The Moment has been geeking out with a demo copy, and we’re somewhat embarrassed to admit the Nintendo DSi game is more fun than it has any right to be: you play a young, eager, fashion-forward girl trying to take the Horatio Alger route from retail sales assistant to world-famous stylist and entrepreneur.

You begin with an entry-level position at Strata, the “It” store of the game’s anime universe, where you help pick out the best looks for clients like Quinn (who “works long hours” and has $1,600 to blow) and Flora (who “heads up a committee to create more bike lanes” and has a paltry $48 budget). It’s a tall order: you’ve got to pay attention to the customers’ budgets and requests; scour virtual fashion magazines, like the hilariously titled Nuances, for the latest trends; dodge the undermining comments of a passive-aggressive fellow stylist named Renée; and familiarize yourself with the game’s clothing lines — we’re partial to Alvarado, with its $1,600 tied leather jacket, and Capsule, which offers vintage-inspired shirtdresses and ill-advised retro pants. (In a small attempt at fashion cred, the game includes five pieces from Charlotte Ronson’s fall collection.)

If all goes well at Strata, the store’s skinny-suit-wearing owner, Dominic, will ask you to open a boutique of your own. After that, we’re guessing, comes a pop-up shop, a Bravo series and an opportunity to work with Michelle Obama.
Above, from left: Style Savvy looks channeling Phoebe Philo’s sporty separates look, Comme des Garçons’ spandex shorts, and Balenciaga’s bright striped accent pieces.


shanay said...

My name is Shanay and I love the game Style Savvy. It is the best game ever.

Kara said...

Style Savvy is awesome.

Kara said...

Style Savvy is awesome.