Friday, November 20, 2009

superga for a supergal

it was one of those nights when we found ourselves in greenbelt 5 with the hubby and decided to stay and have dinner there. so on the way out to lorenzo's way (excellent filipino food by the LJC group, by the way—we've been back three times), the hubby stopped in his tracks and said, superga is here??
don't you mean supergal or supergirl or is it superwoman? :-o apparently, superga is one of those sneaker brands that has been around forever. but these are not performance sneakers for running or basketball or tennis; these are more for knocking around in. this is the classic canvas sneaker that the hubby grew up coveting. it wasn't easy to come by then because it's made in italy. and who goes to italy??
so in we go. cute stuff! and surprisingly affordable—prices average P2,500 (plus they have a sale now and some styles go for as low as P700!) and it's no longer just about the white sneaker anymore. they've got color! for your kid and the kid in you:
feeling golden? plus more metallics:
and if you're feeling prints, we love these colorful graphics, menswear checks, and preppy stripes:
we wanted these disney designs!
we also wanted the brown canvas on the left, but unfortunately they only come in men's sizes (so if you have big feet, lucky you!). the hubby got the black cords on the right:
we decided we were in the market for a pair of white sneakers, but not just any ol' white sneakers. what do you think of these rosette embellishments:
we ended up getting a pair of white logo sneakers. oops no pic! just go to the store and find them!


Anonymous said...

suoerga has been available in LA & nYC for at least 15yrs. fred segal in west hollywood had them first. and it's been available in shoe stores all over the EU(as you said) forever!


Anonymous said...

what are those white ones called?
im dying for them