Thursday, November 19, 2009

this way to escolta

tonight was one of those nights when everyone decided to schedule their events on the same day at the same time. what do you expect, it's a thursday! but after that last event marathon turned blog-a-thon about a month ago, we decided no schlepping tonight! it's too tiring. two events in a night is our limit, but tonight we decided to attend only one event and we have to apologize to our other friends whose launches we missed :-( sowi!! tonight it was all about escolta. now before you think we drove all the way downtown to chinatown, well, guess what, there's a new escolta in town and it's in makati city! at the peninsula manila specifically. the former nielsen's closed down months ago for renovation and for revamping and renaming. it is now called escolta (we don't know why—cause for confusion, we know.. as in, where are you going? i'm going to escolta. which one??).
the name nielsen was named after the original airport which is across the street and apparently, it was misspelled because the correct name was nielson. we've always wondered about that. but there is a private dining room, which is still called nielson for sentimental reasons...
this was a two-day opening. last night was for the oldies and tonight was for the younger crowd (young daw o! hey, they said it, not us!). and of course where there's free champagne, the fash pack is there :-P
escolta's layout is similar to all the other five-star hotels, which have renovated their coffee shops into theater-style, open-kitchen layout. so now the choices are seemingly endless, with cuisines segregated into their own little counters: japanese, chinese, indian, dessert, etc.
plus there's a lounge area deep in the back that had a band playing. we don't know, though, if this is going to be a regular thing. GM jonathan crook told us that they'll be experimenting with a band, maybe a jazz trio, if they'll be stationed here or there, if they'll enclose a section with glass to keep the sound in.
and check out the staff uniforms designed by rajo laurel! it's tailored, beige, has subtle embroidery, patterned after the classic barong tagalog. it's soft, classic, unobtrusive yet distinct, just the way it should be. you want to be able to spot the waitstaff yet at the same time, guests need not be afraid of being mistaken for one!
escolta, the peninsula manila, tel (2) 887-2888


Anonymous said...

I still prefer the old name (Nielsen's). Had a lot of good memories there. I wonder why they had to rename it? Oh well..

teddy said...

yeah, i agree.. why escolta..still, i was there with a group of old friends last sunday for brunch - and the whole place was crammed full with people - i saw a lot of friends.. monique and cris v and doris h, steven and marissa chan and the entire chan family, bobby and ningning (jacinto) tinsay, carmen montinola luz with children - jack, and bill,corie and gita luz; marvie cojuangco yulo, with son jj and cres, etc.. and the buffet spreads were VERY good! the only thing is that the servers are a bit clueless.. we asked for eggs, and they said "sorry sir, no more eggs at this time.." and then we espied in a corner where the prime rib roast carvery was, a guy busy making omelets in what obviously was an egg station. someone in my table sat down with some ice cream and cheese cake and, with glee, said, "hey they have nice sugar free cheesecake and ice cream!" i went to the pastry area and asked, can i have sugar free cheesecake. the woman server attending to the pastries said, "ay sir, wala kaming sugar free.. but you can go to where the ice cream is, they have sugar free green tea ice cream." i go there and made small talk with the guy scooping up my ice cream. I say, "sayang, i wanted sana to have some sugar free cheesecake with this." and he says, "sir, they have some of those. " i go back to the pastries and i saw, hidden between folds of the linen cover, a name plate which says, "sugar free cheesecake." i hold it up to the woman server behind the counter and ask, "what's this??" and she laughs, and says, "ay sorry, sir, meron pa la kami." now isn't that just brilliant! opening glitches...but suma total.. i'd go back and really graze..slowly.. good food!