Tuesday, December 15, 2009

christmas sea

the fash pack must really be, er, climbing the social ladder because this year we were invited to the annual christmas party of the sea princess and the pirate for the very first time, woo-hoo! and we know this is annual because we read all about it in tessa!'s column in the inquirer. slowly easing our way to the A-list, hee-hee... theme was "under the sea" and as we entered the front door, it was like entering a giant aquarium... albeit without water:
well, maybe a little water...
here's the sea princess in full mermaid attire (and what is that thing she's leaning on? ursula's poopoo??)
here's the famille having a family portrait in the photo booth corner:
guests were asked to take a beach ball and write down their wish for 2010. can you believe a lot of people wanted world peace?? (we were one of them! and we meant it!)
we were also asked to bring a water-themed gift worth at least P1,000 for the exchange gift. we brought a l'eau d'issey body lotion and l'oréal post-sun shampoo and conditioner. (we wonder who got our gifts??) the gifts were all deposited in the middle of the den where this was set up. later it was filled with a mountain of gifts (including a real rubber boat!) and guests who scrambled on top of each other to grab the gift they wanted! we got wine (but of course!). plus a couple of those throw pillows haha!
and since this is a tessa party, guests were asked to come in costume: "come in beach (or bitch) attire haha!" so who was in beach or bitch attire?? (click to enlarge)

the rest of the party was loads of fun: food, drinks, parlor games, swag bags, and kwentuhan. thank you, tessa and dennis, for inviting the fash pack!

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