Friday, December 11, 2009


VOGUE’S BLOGGER SHOOT: Vogue is usually tight-lipped about upcoming features, which is probably why when it decided to shoot a group of bloggers — a segment not known for discretion — it has been said that all were asked to sign confidentially agreements. As it turns out, Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil, Bryanboy, Garance Doré, Face Hunter and Dore’s paramour, Scott Schuman, have been shot for the magazine’s March issue, according to insiders. A spokesman declined to comment.

On his blog, Bryanboy said he was off to New York: “Ughhhh never in my life I’ve been so nervous and since I’m counting the days…like what I said a few weeks ago, gurl, we’re going full throttle. YOU BETTA WERQ.”

Face Hunter wrote on his blog: “It has been difficult to make the choice, but I had to cancel my trip to Cape Town in order to get to New York, where an ‘exciting opportunity’ — that I’m not allowed to reveal at the moment — is offered to me. You will see the result early next year.” And Doré teased in her blog: “#3: How I lost some weight thanks to Anna Wintour. (This one I TOTALLY have to tell you about.)”

— Amy Wicks



elf said...

IBANG LEVELS NA SI BB! He finally got Anna Wintour's seal of approval. This is national news! Who shot the editorial? Meisel? Demarchelier? Testino? Why is he so secretive with his affairs?

Anonymous said...

Bea Valdes, Tina Ocampo and now Bryan Yambao? From front row to Vogue?

Personally I'm not a fan (I find other blogs far more interesting) but the kid earned his stripes and worked hard to reach international stardom without the aid of local media.

Anonymous said...

ibang level talaga si Bryanboy aka Francis Bryan Yambao. wait till anna wintour and Page Six find out about his credit card scams plus the fact that he told people in Manila about this shoot