Sunday, December 13, 2009

the irreverent iris apfel

when it comes to style icons, one of the women at the top our list is iris apfel. she's not a celebrity or a society swan, so her name is not on most people's fashion radars.
she's an interior and textile designer who's like a million years old (actually 88), but her style is so distinct and quite flamboyant that her clothes and accessories merited an exhibit titled "rara avis: selections from the iris apfel collection" at the metropolitan museum of art in new york last 2005. and a coffeetable book titled "rare bird of fashion: the irreverent iris apfel," which was published in 2007. which we bought! that book serves as constant inspiration for us. whenever we're in a rut, we never get tired of flipping through its pages.
last october, that exhibit (now with the same title as the book) moved to the peabody essex museum in massachusetts. it will be there till february 7, 2010. we want to go see it! we love the creative and irreverent way she mixes colors, textures, prints, periods, high and low, old and new, cheap and expensive. we wonder how she walks around with layers of those humongous necklaces and stacks of crazy bangles! some samples of the distinct iris apfel style from the exhibits:
and if you want to practice making up your own iris apfel looks, you can play virtual paper dolls right here!
our version of iris!