Saturday, December 19, 2009

let's eat: mangetsu japanese restaurant

the fash pack likes to eat out. sometimes we like to go to our old reliables like antonio's, elbert's steak room, or kanin club. sometimes we like to try out new places, so we can say we ate there and recommend it or decide never to go back. and just like a lot of pinoys, one of our favorite cuisines is japanese, so we are always on the lookout for a good japanese restaurant. and one day, after looking longingly out our office window like a caged monkey in a circus show, we spotted a new establishment across the street and vowed to get there asap!
mangetsu japanese restaurant must have opened about six or so months ago. it's best not to review and rate restaurants that have just opened, we like to give it at least three months to get their groove going. this is located in the gallery/creekside/mile long row (we don't know which is which anymore) along amorsolo street and next to makati cinema square. yes, where the girlie bars are. prepare to be greeted and waved at by the friendly GROs standing by the entrance as you walk towards the restaurant (parking can be a pain, depending on what time you go). we heard that mangetsu is owned by a japanese chef with a filipino wife and once you step in, it might seem like you are transported to a little hole-in-the-wall in japan—because it's full of japanese! always a good sign when choosing a japanese restaurant. just avoid the top floor, which is the smoking section, and when we say smoking, oi! it is literally smoking! the interior design is simple, with touches of japanese decor items, and a wall of sake bottles.
service is straight-forward and unpretentious, but the food is WOW. some items in the menu read like strange fusion concoctions (see descriptions below), and we've already been there twice because we want to try everything! here's what we've had, all presented beautifully, all very tasty, and all big enough to share. we're already planning our third visit...

kani sarada mangetsu style: two ice-cold kind of dressings with an imitation of crab meat and it is very delicious. try it! (P350)
deep-fried salmon: sashimi quality fresh salmon, deep-fried, served with salad and original japanese-style tartar sauce (P350)
stir-fried shrimp & broccoli in ginger flavor: deep-fried shrimp and broccoli stir-fried in salt and ginger. enjoy the good texture of especially prepared shrimp (P410)
stir-fried squid & vegetables with rice: squid brings out a good flavor when cooked. stir-fried with butter and served with rice (P330)
assorted sushi: california maki, sushi balls, uni (sea urchin) and tobiko (flying fish roe). you'll gonna love these different kinds of sushi (P380)
deep-fried sesame chicken wings: marinated with spicy black pepper sauce and deep-fried with sesame (P230)
chicken and egg on rice: called "parent & child bowl" because of chicken and egg, simmered with dashi, soy sauce and beaten egg. a mild flavor donburi bowl dish. popular (P290)

mangetsu is located at creekside, amorsolo street, legazpi village, makati city, tel 894-1553

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