Tuesday, December 29, 2009

room with a view, part 2

rasa sentosa resort by shangri-la in singapore. they have a really stunning facade

villa del mar in pagudpud, ilocos norte

some small resort in mykonos, greece whose name we can't recall. but this is the view if you stick your head out the tiny window

club himalaya in nagarkot, nepal. at sunrise, you get a clear view of the himalayan mountain range

san francisco hotel monumento in santiago de compostela, spain

sonya's garden. all views here are garden views. beautiful!

amorita resort in panglao island, bohol. with a hint of the ocean just seen. we had one of the best massages here

temple of zeus ruins in athens, greece. as seen from some cheap hotel that didn't even have air-conditioning (it had an electric fan, though!)

dwarika's hotel in kathmandu, nepal. one of the few hotels in the world that is considered a UNESCO world heritage site. hey, there's pepper!

an awesome view in boracay: nami resort

an awful view in boracay: the tides (but in fairness it's a really nice hotel. and why will you stay in your room anyway when white beach is a one-minute walk away)

an acceptable view in hong kong: renaissance harbour view hotel

an unacceptable view in hong kong: marco polo hotel (but OK if you're there just to shop and the hotel is just a place to dump your purchases)

sunrise view: yai ya resort in hua hin, thailand

sunset view: diamond hotel in manila

our hotel in paris if you just look out the window:

but this is what you see if you stick your head out (REALLY far out):

and finally one of the most, er, uninspiring views: hotel del rio in iloilo city. we would've preferred the river view!


Anonymous said...

love the photos! kaaliw! you should start a flickr account :)


the fash pack said...

thanks, jaime :-)

Boracay Hotels said...

Wow ang ganda naman yan, May Shangri-la din pala sa singapore. Akala ko sa boracay yan eh..

Tanya Gemarin