Wednesday, December 23, 2009

tuesday in glorietta

christmas shopping? what's that?? just thinking about everything that needs to be done for the holidays is a bit overwhelming that we end up immobilized. literally. so yesterday we went to get a yutaka facial treatment at shiseido. homaigad it was just what we needed. afterwards, it was kinda embarrassing to walk around glorietta with a greasy face (they recommend you leave the product on and not wash or wipe it off so that the skin absorbs it). there was not much in glorietta, though. over half the mall has been torn down and there's nothing new or exciting to see. and to think we hadn't been there in weeks. we went to SM department store to use up some gift certificates for kate torralba's limited-edition collection for paper dolls—pinakyaw namin yung stripes collection! love it! and if you spend P2,500 you get a free KT for PD notebook! well, we spent P3,000, so we were so excited to get one but ended up disappointed because the promo is not applicable daw to GC purchases :-( huwaaat?? the salesgirl even showed us the memo from the main office regarding the free notebook—to tell you the truth there was no mention in the memo of gift certificates. but she was adamant about it. oh well... every store has a different policy when it comes to GCs. why can't they all be like rustan's?? rustan's GCs are as good as cash and can be used for sale items, and if you don't use up the whole amount, they put a balance, which you can use next time. best of all, it has no expiration date! and speaking of rustan's, that's where we ended up—in the supermarket, that is. at least there, there were new and exciting things to see! (man, how pathetic is that, getting excited about the supermarket??) look at what we discovered on the shelves:

dove body mist in energizing (grapefruit & lemongrass) and cool essentials (cucumber & green tea). there were no testers, but we're sure these smell and feel refreshing but at P228.75, that's kinda mahal. for about 50 bucks you can get the same thing in bench.
regular readers know we're big fans of dove soap, so we were quite intrigued with these bars that looked like chocolate. the pro-age line also has shampoo and conditioner. but what does pro-age mean? you're pro for aging or pro for the aged? (P67.75)
evian brumisateur sprays have been around forever and we've seen them go through two or three design changes. this is the latest. (P209.75, 50ml; P369.75, 150ml)
kotex in a tin can, anyone? (P33.75)
if there are moisturizers made exclusively for night use, then why not a toothpaste? it says "wake up with fresher breath" and "helps prevent germ build up while you sleep." sold! (even if it's no different than regular toothpaste!) (P84.75)
hmm do you have to brush your teeth after drinking this kind of water? we failed to check, though, if it has any calories... (P15.75)
and if you buy enough stuff, you get a big headz stuffed toy free! we already have the tiger. we're working on the zebra :-)


Dexter said...

This post is very entertaining and stress relieving. A trip to the supermarket is very therapeutic, I must say. =)

Rachelle said...

Dove spray!!! Mabango kaya sha? I will use my Robinsons supermarket GC to buy one for free haha! :-)

My boyfriend uses Evian on his face. Because of this mere fact, I think you and he will get along well. Hehe :-)