Wednesday, December 16, 2009

win! win! win!

UPDATE! the people behind belle de jour and navi are sending us more planners! so you have more chances of winning! they're sending 10 more belle de jours and five more navis, woo-hoo! thank you, belle de jour and navi! win win win!!!

have you bought a new planner/agenda/diary/datebook for 2010 yet? well, don't just yet! because the fash pack is giving away TWO planners! the kind people behind belle de jour and navi donated one of each for a contest right here right now. check them out:

the belle de jour:
the navi:
we've never done this contest thingy before, so we'll make up our own rules. rule #1: if you win, you must be able to pick up your prize. or send someone with valid IDs (with instructions from the winner emailed to us). rule #2: in order to win, you must correctly answer the "question" below! since navi is a travel-themed planner, our question is also travel-themed.

NAME AT LEAST 10 DESTINATIONS THAT THE FASH PACK HAS BEEN TO. (since the beginning) (can be city or country, international or domestic)

you'll have to backtrack a bit or go to the "the fash packs" tags (but remember these tags were not installed in the beginning...). rule #3: the first TWO people to send in their lists will win a planner each! (please specify which one you like.) email your answers to now na!! (fyi: pick-up point of prizes will be somewhere in makati city.)

PS: you have 24 hours to send in your answers! (based on the time stamp below)


cynical_witch said...

Ooh, I like this contest!

Places The Fashpack has been to:

Santiago de Compostella
Hong Kong
Chiang Mai

Do I win the Belle du Jour? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope I was fast enough! Sent my entry...

the fash pack said...

ladies, ladies (assuming you are ladies), we said to please EMAIL your answers, not post!