Saturday, December 26, 2009

the year of the big bag

2009 was the year of the ridiculously big bag. we bought three major bags this year and they were all big. actually the last few years have been all about the big bag. the bigger the better. the bigger the more stuff to put in. the bigger the heavier. the bigger the more painful the shoulders and back! last may, our back finally gave out. we couldn't even walk straight. we constantly had to hold our lower back to ease the pain. mukha kaming lola. there's nothing that will give your age away faster. ugh. so we went to see a chiropractor at intercare and underwent weeks of therapy. sakit ha. we're supposed to go once a month for maintenance, but we think there's a better, cheaper, and more consistent way to maintain a healthy back: switch to a smaller bag! starting january 1, 2010, one of our new year's resolutions is to TRY to carry a small bag for everyday and limit its contents!