Sunday, January 31, 2010

care for mature hair

remember the first lunch we had to attend last tuesday? it was for the press con for the new line of kérastase products called age premium, which were made specifically for, er, mature hair. we are so there! the lunch was held at the terrace at 5th, which is becoming a favorite venue for press cons and launches. when we got there, we saw a lot of "ladies who lunch" in attendance—oh, we get it, kasi pang mature hair! actually, feeling ladies who lunch na rin kami kasi we don't have an office job anymore (well, for now at least). here's birdie salva, senior product manager of kérastase, telling us why we need this product!
if you want to know about hair, this is the go-to guy. he even has a helpful blog that you should check out if you have any hairy queries: hair in manila. plus he often has contests with lovely luxurious products for prizes. anyway, not to get all technical, but this is what we learned: basically, as you age, the natural hormonal imbalance that occurs changes the structure of the hair, making it more fragile, sensitive, dry, thin, and prone to breakage—basta, all those bad things. so kérastase age premium has a new technology that supplies mature hair with calcium, anti-oxidants, UV filters, vitamin F, and ceramides—all the good things your hair needs. you can go to the kérastase institute by salon esa at 6750 ayala avenue to get the professional treatment, then use the above three products—shampoo, masque, and hairspray—for at-home maintenance.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

tod's s/s 2010 collection

we always look forward to tod's new-collection presentation, which happened last tuesday. but this time it was a bit different because the principal from hong kong, hannah, hosted an intimate lunch and the fash pack was invited! during the f/w 2009 presentation last june, tod's hosted an intimate dinner and they wanted to include a blogger—unfortunately, we were not free that evening, so we recommended THE bag expert, who else but the bag hag. this time, even though we already had a press lunch scheduled, we double booked! soup and salad at the first lunch, then main course and dessert/coffee with tod's. here we are at sala bistro (that's our seat, hehe, we took the pic):
clockwise, from left: hannah, tod's PR associate from hong kong, SSI's nina and malu, billionaire's carl, town & country's rorie, and tod's brand manager monica. on to the new bags and shoes and something new from tod's: eyewear for women and men! these won't be available at the store, but will be sold at a leading optical shop (they have yet to confirm which one):
for spring/summer 2010, the color palette being introduced are what we call dusty pastels. check out the new G bag with outside pockets in lilac:
here's the new pashmy in treated fleece. it's like gray sweatshirt material that's coated in water-resistant material, plus the bottom has a zipper to make it expand (which means you can throw more dirty diapers inside haha):
and it comes in matching trainers!
and speaking of shoes, this season's version of the gommino loafer comes in sequined snakeskin. these are hand-stitched and follow the pattern of the snakeskin, so no two are alike:
for the ultimate in luxury, here's a white snakeskin bag called shade—but we call this bag "pang mayaman." white bags are the most high-maintenance of all and if they come in snakeskin, well, that just ups its value. this bag will retail for about P150,000 but will not be available in manila. only the slightly smaller version will be sold here.
more dusty pastels from the D bag, the classic curvy ballerina, and new sneaker heels (very early 90s!):
we don't usually care for men's stuff, but we really like the men's shopper, which comes in nylon with two colored leather strips, which you can have customized (but again not here, but they can facilitate it through the hong kong flagship):
these pieces and more will be available at tod's, greenbelt 4 starting in mid-february. see them for your yourself!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


learn all about apple's new iPad by watching the video here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

waiting for the sunset

a week ago, we used the last of our gift certificates for overnight stays and this time it was at the grande dame of hotels in the philippines: manila hotel. last year, we wrote about our little tour of manila hotel and saw all the refurbishing going on. this time, we finally got to experience one of the refurbished rooms first-hand. we requested for a room with the bay view because we wanted to catch the sunset. the view of the bay by day:
our room for two:
the bathroom and shower (whose drain was barado, so it got flooded when we showered, ugh; we forgot to inform them when we checked out):
plus the bathtub with its own TV (ANTM, anyone, while doing number two? hehe ;-):
and nice toiletries by l'occitane:
and the doorway and closets:
it started raining, so it turned into bed weather, so the whole afternoon, we just hung out in the room relaxing. we watched "juno" on HBO, which is a really good movie, we thoroughly enjoyed it. by 5pm, it was still cloudy and raining, so we thought, there goes our sunset. oh well.. no point in wasting a good bottle of wine, which we brought for our own little happy hour for two. but by 5:30 as it was turning dark, that big ol' yellow sun started peeking through the clouds and wow! it turned our room a golden shade! check out our own top-model self-portrait pose via shadow!
and this was our fabulous view for the next 30 minutes till the sun finally set completely:
here's a closer look:
definitely one of the best hotel-room views!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

good for the sole (and toes)

now that we've committed to an exercise program (read: paid for gym membership), we need to get some serious exercise gear. we ransacked our closet for stuff to wear and realized we actually had some actual nikes and lululemons back there—all unused! we have a pair of mizunos that have been used for walking the dog around the village (and for sourcing around the mall hehe). as for socks, we wondered if our colorful cutesy socks would suffice. we asked the resident active person (read: the hubby) what he uses and he said the best socks he's ever used are all pro by gold toe. this particular sock has an elastic band that goes around the arch area between the toes and heel, which keeps the sock from sliding in while you do your workout. and speaking of gold toe, they just released a new line of eco-friendly socks for men called "elements." the socks are made not with cotton but with new-age fibers that are truly environmentally friendly—bamboo, modal, and tencel. according to the press release:

Most people think of natural fabrics as the best option for a healthy lifestyle. In warm countries like the Philippines, cotton and linen are examples of natural fabrics that are breathable, and wick moisture away from skin to keep us cool on languid summer days. But did you know that the modern cultivation of cotton—once the best fabric for everyday wear, now creates more damage to our environment? Pound for pound, the cultivation, harvesting and processing of cotton pumps out more pesticides, chemical dyes and consumes more arable water in the communities it’s grown in. In our desire to consciously select a ‘natural’ fabric, we often are unaware that the very garments we wear are now potential sources of dyes and other chemical agents.
hmmm interesting... who knew?? the fash pack was sent samples of the socks, which we gave to the hubby to road test. the verdict: he found them really really soft and nice to wear. which is good for a guy when he's on his feet all day. the bamboo socks are naturally anti-bacterial (prevents and kills bacteria), breathable (can absorb three times its weight), and smooth.
the modal socks stay soft and supple and keep their color through repeated washings, have fast absorption, and are anti-microbial.
the tencel socks adjust their moisture management according to the climate, have natural cooling capabilities, prevent bacterial growth, and are ideal for sensitive skin.

elements by gold toe socks (P249.75 per pair) come in six designs and are available at the menswear department of leading department stores.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

free! free! free!

This Sunday, Go Bananas as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf introduces its brand new drinks for the season! Come join our first OPEN HOUSE for the year. We're giving away complimentary 12.oz drinks on January 24th from 10am-12noon! Take your pick from our two new flavors:


Spread the word!!! Everyone’s welcome to come!

Friday, January 22, 2010

the killers concert canceled

it was quite a shock when we saw someone's facebook status update this afternoon saying that the killers concert in manila was canceled. so we had to contact one of the producers robby carmona to confirm if it was indeed true. he said he was waiting for the official statement. here it is:


January 21, 2010

The Killers have been forced to cancel their appearances in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo and Seoul due to unforeseen circumstances. The band deeply apologizes to their fans and hope to reschedule their shows in these cities soon. At this time the bands Australian appearances remain scheduled as planned.

heres the link of the official announcement on their website:

robby added this information for those who bought tickets:

As unfortunate as it is, the management of The Killers has just released the official announcement. The ASIAN Tour is canceled and awaiting new dates. We hope you can help us disseminate the information to the public. In the meantime, here is the refund schedule.


Please refund at the seller where you purchased your tickets.

* For Ticketnet buyers, you may refund at the Ticketnet in Araneta Coliseum starting JAN 29 FRIDAY. Call 9115555.
* For Ticketworld buyers, you may refund at the Ticketworld Head Office in Makati (7/F Vicente Madrigal Bldg, Ayala, Makati) starting JAN 25 MONDAY. Call 8919999.
* For Odyssey & O Music buyers, you should refund at the branch where you purchased your tickets. Refunding begins on JAN 29 FRIDAY.
* For purchases made in our Jupiter Makati and Shaw Mandaluyong offices, refunding begins on JAN 29 FRIDAY.
* For purchases made through our authorized individual/corporate resellers, please contact your resellers for refund information.

Thank you very much for your support and appreciate your understanding.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what we've been up to

wow didn't realize it's been five days since our last post. we've been too preoccupied by other things. downloaded the entire "project runway" season 6 (now on my lifetime) because we want to start on season 7 asap because we heard there's a filipino among the final 16 designers (hope he wins!). so we've been having PR marathons on our mac. and we've been doing some home improvement chuvas—spring cleaning, setting aside junk for the junk lady and clothes to be donated, organizing the linen closet, buying actual light fixtures for ceilings that only have bulbs hanging from them (ugh) etcetcetc. gazh, in the process we found fabrics we bought years ago and meant to have them made into something and just forgot all about them! and we've been—yes, finally!—exercising! we enrolled at the rockwell club and have worked out a grand total of three times since the year started. taking it slow with one-hour walks on the treadmill while watching re-runs of "america's next top model". we're such a lampa-doodle. such a sissy. hopefully by next month, it turns into running (and we lose at least an inch from our hips). but we got so excited when someone posted this piece of news on facebook and just had to share: could it be? will apple finally introduce the macbook mini we've been dreaming of?? this invitation was sent out to the american press for an apple unveiling on january 27, 10am pacific time, at the yerba buena center for the arts theater in san francisco, california. that'll be january 28, 2am manila time! can't wait!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

big book vs little book

last year saw the launch of two fashion books. and in this case, size doesn't matter because though they are two very different books, they are both worth having. well, technically the first book we're going to show you was published and launched in late 2008, but we only managed to get a copy in 2009. this small (around 6" x 6") book is titled "not by the book: fashioning design" by tippi ocampo. tippi started out in advertising, so she does have that creative process that starts out with an inspiration she can go crazy with, then tones down and streamlines for the market's consumption. but with this book, obviously a labor of love, the thought was, can it be done? and it was. because the book is, well, not by the book. first of all, it's bound in puffy brown satin:
and going through the pages is a 3-D experience, much like the griffin and sabine series of books that people went crazy for back in the early 90s. for example, there is a pocket with little photos of things that inspired her (vegetables, a stained-glass window) and actual fabric swatches:
and of course tippi's adorable illustrations and photos of the finished product:
last november 2009 was the opening of "slim: salvacion lim higgins" retrospective at the national museum and the simultaneous launch of the coffeetable book of the same name. unfortunately, we were on a trip and were unable to attend. but the exhibit is ongoing till march and we plan to go next week! meanwhile, we purchased a copy of the book—but we got the numbered, special edition, which comes with a tote bag and a hot-pink-fabric-covered sleeve:
the text was written by lizza nakpil, the gorgeous photos are by neal oshima, and the design of the book is by B+C. inside you'll see collages of slim's history...
full-bleed photos of scrumptious dresses (and details) that could've easily been designed today...
personalities and models from decades past wearing the creations... and so much more!

"not by the book: fashioning design" by tippi ocampo available at fully booked, powerbooks, select national book stores, best sellers, and through "slim: salvacion lim higgins" available at national book store.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

supermodel of the world

got an email from calcarrie's philippines that ford's supermodel of the world finals will be today in sao paulo, brazil. this international competition has been going on since 1980 (remember when it used to be known as "face of the 80s" and tweetie de leon was the first representative from the philippines?) and this year the philippines' representative is a gal named charlene "chat" almarvez, a lass (not a barrio lass ha) from laguna who goes to school at the college of saint benilde. she stands 5'9.5" and was chosen in the national finals last october. good luck, chat!

(photos courtesy of calcarrie's philippines)

UPDATE, jan 16, 2009: last night while having dinner out, one of our friends received a text message that chat won first runner-up! congratulations!! can't wait to see all of the wonderful work that will come chat's way! (the top prize went to karlina of latvia.) (photo below courtesy of