Monday, January 04, 2010

another grocery trip

last month, we resigned from our job. bagong taon, bagong buhay. so while we're trying to figure out what we want to do with the rest of our life, we find that we now have a lot of time on our hands. which means that every day is now "me" day. and we can do what we want and go where we want. and recently we discovered S&R. wow parang states haha! how come we never did our groceries here?? of course as we trolled the aisles, we realized why: everything is super-sized. we wanted to buy one box of tissue and found out that we had to buy a pack of 12! too much for just a family of three (and one of them is a dog. who loves to eat tissue, by the way). so we instead looked at food. junk food, that is! and these are some of the things we found (and bought!):

pop tarts in cookies & creme: when we're too lazy to prepare breakfast (which is all the time), we like to toss one of these into the toaster oven. it's like having an oreo for brekkie!
pringles minis: we like small snacks. makes us feel like we're consuming less calories hehe.. and when it comes to potato chips, pringles is our favorite. (this also comes in original and in newfangled flavors like buffalo wings or something)
nestlĂ© crunch crisp: a new twist on an old classic. they had us at "light"—meaning less calories??
3 musketeers mint: this is one example of you don't mess with a classic. we like chocolate and mint together but noooo, not with our favorite chocolate! but who knows, it might be good to have after a big dinner ;-)
oh cherry coke how we missed you... but until you have a zero version, you shall remain on the shelf. (don't you love the design of the box? reminds us of a murakami bag hee-hee)


deeh said...

do we need to be a member to able to shop in S & R? or we can just drop by just like an ordinary supermarket/mall? thanks.. :)

the fash pack said...

yes, deeh, you need to be a member or at least enter with a member. to get a card costs about P700+

Anonymous said...


I love that Crunch Crisp!! loveeet!

Naging suki ako ng S&R dahil jan. Yikes!!


the fash pack said...

RG, we like to have the nestlé crunch crisp with our afternoon coffee :-)