Sunday, January 24, 2010

good for the sole (and toes)

now that we've committed to an exercise program (read: paid for gym membership), we need to get some serious exercise gear. we ransacked our closet for stuff to wear and realized we actually had some actual nikes and lululemons back there—all unused! we have a pair of mizunos that have been used for walking the dog around the village (and for sourcing around the mall hehe). as for socks, we wondered if our colorful cutesy socks would suffice. we asked the resident active person (read: the hubby) what he uses and he said the best socks he's ever used are all pro by gold toe. this particular sock has an elastic band that goes around the arch area between the toes and heel, which keeps the sock from sliding in while you do your workout. and speaking of gold toe, they just released a new line of eco-friendly socks for men called "elements." the socks are made not with cotton but with new-age fibers that are truly environmentally friendly—bamboo, modal, and tencel. according to the press release:

Most people think of natural fabrics as the best option for a healthy lifestyle. In warm countries like the Philippines, cotton and linen are examples of natural fabrics that are breathable, and wick moisture away from skin to keep us cool on languid summer days. But did you know that the modern cultivation of cotton—once the best fabric for everyday wear, now creates more damage to our environment? Pound for pound, the cultivation, harvesting and processing of cotton pumps out more pesticides, chemical dyes and consumes more arable water in the communities it’s grown in. In our desire to consciously select a ‘natural’ fabric, we often are unaware that the very garments we wear are now potential sources of dyes and other chemical agents.
hmmm interesting... who knew?? the fash pack was sent samples of the socks, which we gave to the hubby to road test. the verdict: he found them really really soft and nice to wear. which is good for a guy when he's on his feet all day. the bamboo socks are naturally anti-bacterial (prevents and kills bacteria), breathable (can absorb three times its weight), and smooth.
the modal socks stay soft and supple and keep their color through repeated washings, have fast absorption, and are anti-microbial.
the tencel socks adjust their moisture management according to the climate, have natural cooling capabilities, prevent bacterial growth, and are ideal for sensitive skin.

elements by gold toe socks (P249.75 per pair) come in six designs and are available at the menswear department of leading department stores.


osan reodica said...

Hi "the fash pack".
I am Rosan Reodica, a student from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I am graduating this March and my thesis is all about the Involvement or Roles of Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Enthusiasts (readers) in Fashion Adoption, Innovation and Diffusion.

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i'l try it.