Saturday, January 02, 2010

half-a-day trip

day 2. first weekend of the year. we decided to start it right with a nice breakfast at antonio's in tagaytay. weather was nice. car was all gassed up. traffic from manila was pretty smooth. and when we got there, the place was pretty peaceful and quiet, even with most of the tables occupied. even jaza and lizzie were there with the famille. we had eggs benedict and beef chorizo with poached eggs and bottomless dalandan juice and coffee. mm-mm-mmm...
after our leisurely breakfast and an invigorating stroll through the property, it was time to go back down to manila. this was when we hit traffic on aguinaldo highway. but it was just a bottleneck by picnic grove—it's the cheap, easy, and quick way to get a weekend holiday away from the city, so it gets pretty crowded there. then we passed a "secret" route on the way down. we passed through a narrow, winding road that turned into a dirt road and ended up seeing a "secret" mansion we had never seen or heard of.
it looked like an abandoned mansion. but look whose portraits are painted on the wall:
we were told that this was built by the marcos family before the edsa revolution, but, just like the palace in the sky, was never finished. sayang. why can't the government fix this place up and rent it out as a venue for wedding receptions or events, or turn it into a quaint bed & breakfast, or something! instead of leaving it to rot! is it just because the marcoses used to own it?? sayang talaga kasi mukhang maganda pa naman...
we ended up driving through nuvali, the ayala subdivision that's supposed to be all about "evo-living," whatever that is. but it looks nice. sana they can maintain this fresh, outdoorsy ambiance and wide, open spaces:
then finally we passed by paseo de santa rosa. people in the know know that there are outlets here for havaianas, nike, adidas, levi's, speedo, benetton, and newly opened debenhams and marks & spencer. we can't help but look for the fashion aspect of any trip, no matter how near or far!


Shan said...

Love the mansions! True, gawin yang something functional!
I love Paseo de Sta. Rosa, every time I’m there feeling ko celebrity ako na ayaw mag-pakita sa masa! LOL and oh, nagutom ako sa longanisa pitchur!

Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

WOW! I like this post, Fashpack! Happy new year :) :) :) See you soon! xx