Tuesday, January 05, 2010

new year's eve

where did you spend new year's eve? for the first time, we decided to do the soshal makati-hotel scene. it was a toss-up between makati shangri-la and the peninsula manila. after a little research and price comparisons, we decided to go with makati shang. and we feel we made the right choice! and because we knew we would be drinking a lot, we decided to check in as well so that we wouldn't have to worry about driving home. our only regret is that this year, the city of makati decided to cancel its annual fireworks display. sayang. when we entered the hotel at noon, the lobby was already blocked by black drapes for where the celebration would be held.
there were lots of people checking in, but it was orderly and speedy and efficient. and we were so happy when our room was upgraded to an executive suite!
we love the l'occitane toiletries—super bango!
this was our view (hmm would we be able to see some fireworks from here by midnight?):
we thought we'd get to see the sunset too—unfortunately the residences at greenbelt were blocking our sight line :-(
party time! the tables were numbered and we were led to ours, and since we were only two, we would be sharing it with a family of six (thank god, they were a nice, decent, friendly bunch).
and although there was a booth of mo√ęt & chandon champagne, we opted to bring our own magnum of tattinger—told ya we would be drinking a lot!
performers for the night:
and the food! it was excellent! after starting with a caesar's salad with a generous portion of anchovies, we had our fill of oysters, salmon, caviar, foie gras, prawns, ham, cheese, and of course dessert :-) no need for main course!
"nobody, nobody batchooo..." yes, rachel ann go sang THAT song! (and with a minus one at that!!)
finally, spirit of 67 got the crowd pumped up for the countdown!
it was fun. everyone should try it at least once in their life. well, we finally got it out of our system!


Anonymous said...

seems like fun! wow! though the room (makati shang) looks kinda outdated in pictures... or does it look better in actual? :)


the fash pack said...

yes, it was fun, but you gotta pay the price for that kind of fun! we've stayed in a smaller room at makati shang before, which was renovated into a more modern design; maybe the suites remained the same. but this was very clean and comfy :-)