Saturday, January 30, 2010

tod's s/s 2010 collection

we always look forward to tod's new-collection presentation, which happened last tuesday. but this time it was a bit different because the principal from hong kong, hannah, hosted an intimate lunch and the fash pack was invited! during the f/w 2009 presentation last june, tod's hosted an intimate dinner and they wanted to include a blogger—unfortunately, we were not free that evening, so we recommended THE bag expert, who else but the bag hag. this time, even though we already had a press lunch scheduled, we double booked! soup and salad at the first lunch, then main course and dessert/coffee with tod's. here we are at sala bistro (that's our seat, hehe, we took the pic):
clockwise, from left: hannah, tod's PR associate from hong kong, SSI's nina and malu, billionaire's carl, town & country's rorie, and tod's brand manager monica. on to the new bags and shoes and something new from tod's: eyewear for women and men! these won't be available at the store, but will be sold at a leading optical shop (they have yet to confirm which one):
for spring/summer 2010, the color palette being introduced are what we call dusty pastels. check out the new G bag with outside pockets in lilac:
here's the new pashmy in treated fleece. it's like gray sweatshirt material that's coated in water-resistant material, plus the bottom has a zipper to make it expand (which means you can throw more dirty diapers inside haha):
and it comes in matching trainers!
and speaking of shoes, this season's version of the gommino loafer comes in sequined snakeskin. these are hand-stitched and follow the pattern of the snakeskin, so no two are alike:
for the ultimate in luxury, here's a white snakeskin bag called shade—but we call this bag "pang mayaman." white bags are the most high-maintenance of all and if they come in snakeskin, well, that just ups its value. this bag will retail for about P150,000 but will not be available in manila. only the slightly smaller version will be sold here.
more dusty pastels from the D bag, the classic curvy ballerina, and new sneaker heels (very early 90s!):
we don't usually care for men's stuff, but we really like the men's shopper, which comes in nylon with two colored leather strips, which you can have customized (but again not here, but they can facilitate it through the hong kong flagship):
these pieces and more will be available at tod's, greenbelt 4 starting in mid-february. see them for your yourself!


cynical_witch said...

You mentioned "Billionaire's Carl" does that mean the Philippines has a Billionaire Asia magazine na? And is that a franchise of the Billionaire Asia in Singapore?

the fash pack said...

good question.. and to be honest, we don't know the answer..