Monday, January 25, 2010

waiting for the sunset

a week ago, we used the last of our gift certificates for overnight stays and this time it was at the grande dame of hotels in the philippines: manila hotel. last year, we wrote about our little tour of manila hotel and saw all the refurbishing going on. this time, we finally got to experience one of the refurbished rooms first-hand. we requested for a room with the bay view because we wanted to catch the sunset. the view of the bay by day:
our room for two:
the bathroom and shower (whose drain was barado, so it got flooded when we showered, ugh; we forgot to inform them when we checked out):
plus the bathtub with its own TV (ANTM, anyone, while doing number two? hehe ;-):
and nice toiletries by l'occitane:
and the doorway and closets:
it started raining, so it turned into bed weather, so the whole afternoon, we just hung out in the room relaxing. we watched "juno" on HBO, which is a really good movie, we thoroughly enjoyed it. by 5pm, it was still cloudy and raining, so we thought, there goes our sunset. oh well.. no point in wasting a good bottle of wine, which we brought for our own little happy hour for two. but by 5:30 as it was turning dark, that big ol' yellow sun started peeking through the clouds and wow! it turned our room a golden shade! check out our own top-model self-portrait pose via shadow!
and this was our fabulous view for the next 30 minutes till the sun finally set completely:
here's a closer look:
definitely one of the best hotel-room views!


cynical_witch said...

Luv the room! Were you in a suite? I like the beds; it's in keeping with the whole "old world" feel of the hotel.

Couldn't help noticing the shower floor though. It looks dirty! (sorry!) Is it a trick of the light that made the marble seem like it needs a good scrubbing?? :)

And what a great sunset! I'm glad that we're getting something out of our polluted atmosphere, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

That is one stunning sunset! I'm well pleased that Manila Hotel is finally being restored to its rightful glory. I mean the sunset and the golden hour lighting is just as worthy as what the big Makati hotels offer (maybe even more).

You can ask your husband how came to enjoy Manila Hotel in the 80s when it was cared for properly, and because well, we were lucky to have the connections.

the fash pack said...

c_w, this wasn't a suite, just one of the regular de luxe rooms. and yes the shower floor was kinda grimy kasi nga nag-babaha! that's why we always pack our havaianas and use them in the shower!

d-l, we asked the hubby about manila hotel and he has no such memories. could you be confusing it with philippine plaza?

Rosan Reodica said...

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the fash pack said...

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