Saturday, February 27, 2010

playground on the third floor

you still have two days to catch the exhibit curated by bench pinoy lab at playground, the third-floor space of dimensione, bonifacio high street! it ends tomorrow, feb 28. we happened to have a meeting yesterday afternoon at BHS, so we made it a point to drop by. and we're glad we did. so many interesting things! and a lot of them were for sale.

this was what greeted us as we went up the escalator. we heart philippines:
but not everything was labeled, so sometimes we didn't know whose clothes we were looking at. like this dress, which was selling for over 8,000 pesos. it must have like a hundred panels—so much work went into this dress! beautiful! (one staffer told us it was by joey samson. but she wasn't sure, so she had to ask someone else.)
more of joey samson's work, the now-famous open-weave terno:
nationalism is the new black. T-shirts by bench:
we like the way the sun cast an interesting pattern on the floor from the window bars:
more fun, funky, and filipiniana installations:
cute, one-of-a-kind accessories, including a necklace that looks like something we made out of a plastic chain we bought at saizen and strung with tiny toys:
these mannequins were admiring the art on the wall, but it seems someone moved their bench ;-)
we'd like to see some hot guy with a lean, muscular body to wear these trousers without a shirt. sino kaya??
plus more interesting clothing, though we're not sure if they're for sale:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

beauty blog: jeunesse

late last month, we attended a press con to introduce beauty products not available on supermarket shelves or fancy shops. these are available only in dermatologists' offices (which we have never seen the inside of—pramis!). the launch/lunch was held at mr. jones (which deserves a separate post. oh, the food!). we were not familiar with the brands introduced that day, but these potent products from europe and the US are distributed in the philippines by a company called jeunesse dermaceutical distributors—and they have been for years now, but only decided to promote it heavily now. we were given a few samples to try at home. we must confess, we haven't tried any of them yet, but we'll get there (kami pa!).

these come in capsule form and must be taken twice daily, 30 minutes before a meal. we keep forgetting to take them—after meals is so much easier to remember! this is supposed to maintain healthy skin from the inside and is highly recommended for acne-prone skin. (but doesn't the box remind you of condom packaging? ;-)

we're always on the lookout for daily sun protection for the face and this is ideal because it's tinted. can replace your everyday foundation, especially during summer

oily skin stopped being a problem for us a long time ago, so this one goes to the hubby. guys are always complaining about their oily T-zones (and they'll never admit to a little pressed powder now and again!)

dark under-eye circles are not caused by lack of sleep or too much wine or too much caffeine (who keeps spreading these myths??). it's our dad's fault!! (as in, it's hereditary, just to make it clear ha)

if you like to keep your nails long or abuse them with weekly manicures, it might be a good idea to take this. once a day

anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing? helloooo. no brainer

to find out where these products are available, call jeunesse at 672-3599, 688-8062 or email

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cute and cool 3

so while we're looking for someone who can refurbish and upholster our chairs (any suggestions, readers?) and deciding whether to keep the chair in its natural wood state or paint over it (what color kaya?) and canvassing for nice fabrics (and knowing us, it will be a colorful print), we decided to look through our collection of pictures of cute and cool chairs, photographed in private homes and public spaces, for inspiration. we picked out the ones with printed upholstery. which one do you like? :-)

love seat for sale at not too shabby, san juan

tina's re-upholstered antique chair

fat chair for sale at our home, megamall

and another one

seating at twinky, a shoe store in glorietta 5

barcelona chair and footstool for sale at a furniture shop in las rozas village, madrid, spain

armchair for sale at IDO, quezon city

seating at michael kors, power plant mall

slipper chair for sale by johansen on display at shangri-la plaza floor

funny-looking chairs for sale at metro department store, market! market!

window display at cereo, greenbelt 5

for sale at dexterton, greenbelt 5: mademoiselle chair designed by philippe starck for kartell upholstered in missoni fabric

seating at bayo, greenbelt 5

dining chair at some funky café in siam paragon, bangkok, thailand

dining chairs at astralis, power plant mall

seating at the shoe department of adora, greenbelt 5

window display at +ac632, greenbelt 5

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

home zone GB5

a few years ago, we inherited six dining chairs from our lola. actually, we just took them from her house after she passed away because nobody wanted them. and no wonder—they had no seat, were kinda rickety, and had a really simple design, but were made of really good narra wood. and for the past two years, they have been rotting away. so we decided to take some action and look for fabric to upholster them with. we know greenbelt 5 has a few home stores on the third floor, so we decided to check them out for inspiration a couple weeks ago. were we surprised to find a whole new home zone! most stores had signs that said "soft opening" and a photographer was going around taking pictures of each store.
on the side facing ayala museum/greenbelt 4, there were like 10 new home stores. we didn't even know that super-chic kish already had a branch there! weaves of asia, which has its flagship on jupiter street, has a smaller showroom here called the fabric bar. their imported fabrics are absolutely divine! and expensive!! this is where hotels buy their upholstery. other shops include weft (ideal furniture to decorate your beach house), grassroots (very arts-and-crafts vibe), sifra (modern accent pieces), the home edition (charming, exotic stuff), picanti (big-ass stone sculptures for outdoor decor), and moremoremore! plus dexterton's kitchen and bathroom showroom with stylish stuff you only see in magazines like elle decoration!

Monday, February 22, 2010

rajo laurel for F&C jewelry

now what did we say about rajo laurel being the most prolific filipino designer today? the guy just won't stop! (making money? hehe ;-) right after his WWD cover appearance, in the midst of this whole who-made-the-cobweb-dress-first [non]issue, and while preparing for his trade show/exhibit in new york fashion week, he managed to launch his latest collaboration, this time with F&C jewelry. just three days before valentine's day, he held an afternoon tea at ciçou in hotel celeste to present his ring collection for F&C—there were matching rings for women and men, so they could easily be used as wedding rings. and to make the afternoon more, er, interesting, rajo hired male models to show the rings off to the ladies in the audience. here are rajo and his boys, dressed in rajo laurel, of course:
and here are the cute boys showing the excited ladies the beautiful 14-karat gold rings (are they excited about the rings or the boys?? girls, girls, let's be civilized.. after all, this IS afternoon tea, not the cosmo bachelor bash):
and to cap the event off, each guest was given, no not a ring, but a miniature version of a wedding cake by red ribbon designed by, who else, rajo! isn't it adorable? red ribbon should sell these and make it available for anytime you're in the mood for wedding cake:
we wanted to post the professionally photographed (by toto labrador) shots of the rings, but somehow we couldn't open the tif files in the CD :-( but you can go to the F&C jewelry website to view the complete collection.