Saturday, February 20, 2010

the curse of the gucci bag

we started 2010 like most people: spring cleaning. out with the old, in with the new! but there are some old things you shouldn't get rid of. instead of bringing (read: buying) the new, how about recycling the old to look like new. while rummaging through our closets for stuff to donate, recycle, and hand-me-down, we found an old gucci bag we used to love. we bought this bag in florence, italy back in the mid-90s. we were on a bus tour and since our guide refused to take us to the outlets, we made do with a quickie stopover in the shopping center. it was panic-buying time and we spent millions of liras on this gucci bag—to this day, we don't know how much it cost in pesos, we were afraid to compute!
but as you can see, the bag is dirty, moldy, and mis-shapen. and when we opened it, horror of horrors! the leather lining had crumbled! ugh it was so gross. we stuffed it with newspaper to absorb the mold but it didn't help. take a peek at your own risk!
then we remembered this place the bag hag told us about, which is right next to her tresorie shop, called vintage restore. the name says it all: they restore vintage bags. or dirty, moldy bags like ours. so we brought the gucci to the shop. the store manager baby told us that this was a common problem with gucci bag linings, but not to worry, they could make it look like new (or new-ish, at least). they re-line the bags with sturdy cotton twill fabric, so there won't be any problems with molding again (and in this humid country of ours, it is a major problem). we chose a black-and-white pinstripe to make it easier to look for things inside a dark bag. and we asked them to remove the top cover because we always found it impractical. check out the pretty shop, where they sell their own bags, shoes, and accessories:
now this little exercise didn't come cheap. for their effort of taking the bag apart, changing the lining, and sewing it all back together the exact same way with all the bits and pieces intact, it cost P4,700. but after two weeks, our new and improved gucci bag was ready and voila! good as new(ish)!
the verdict: we love it! the amount we paid was well worth it! (and much cheaper than getting a brand new gucci ;-)

vintage restore is located at 2/f doña consolacion building, 122 jupiter st., makati city (nullah is on the ground floor), tel 890-4326, mobile 0916-626-2967, email


bessie said...

i am a big fan of their work too! Pulido. And it's like they give a second wind to my abused bags. I come in monthly, to have work done on my bags.
I have the same problem with the Gucci. The bag itself is fine. The lining turned to powder. Ugh.

RG said...

I had the same problem with my Gucci bag [also with bamboo handle], which is probably as old as yours. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who makes bags and exports them to Italy. Japan, and the US. She replaced the lining, cleaned the leather, and now it looks as good as new. Best of all, I didn't have to pay a cent. She didn't want me to pay eh. :)

Vintage said...

we are very happy that you love the work we did on your gucci bag! and thank you so much for the great write up in your blog! truly appreciate it!!

the fash pack said...

thank you also, vintage restore! we are a satisfied customer!