Tuesday, February 09, 2010

happy birthday

yesterday we took a day off from our regular routine because it was our birthday :-) not the blog's, but the writer of this blog's :-) so after we woke up (late), we had a lie-in and spooned with our doggy (but only because he had a bath the night before so he was clean and bango. mmmm delicious! TMI ba hahaha!!). after wasting lots of time doing nothing, we finally left the house and wandered aimlessly through two malls (PPM and GB) till it was finally time to meet the famille for some birthday karaoke-ing at red box. it was a monday night and yet the place was packed to the rafters! every single room was occupied! so if you decide to visit, make sure you book ahead of time. so yesterday was one of most simple yet satisfying birthdays we've had in recent memory. and also because of some delightful presents we got! now was this a coincidence or what, but we received three kate spade prezzies of three different sizes from three different people!
first was a red patent wallet with gold interior from our kuya. nice! this is gonna get bulok easily from everyday use, so we're going to make this our "abroad" wallet. parang ang pao! (pero walang pera sa loob haha!)
second was an "extra" gift from the hubby (because our real present was delivered the week before :-) which we chose. now hubbies don't understand the concept of buying things you don't need right now but which you know you might need SOME day. so when we found a pair of gloves at kate spade GB3 that fit us (because we have tiny hands and short fingers and can never find gloves that fit well) plus it came in a really cute style (the subtle dot noel logo that just looks like an abstract pattern) plus it was on sale (well, 25% off lang nga), we had to have them, early summer temps be damned! because if we take a sudden trip to a cold country, well then, we're prepared!
finally, a beresford opus bag in white patent. white. patent. remember what we said about that white bag by tod's? pang mayaman because a white bag is so high-maintenance. it's funny because the bag hag said something similar about the very same tod's bag, and we quote: "i have always believed that white bags belong to the rich tai tais... white is an extremely difficult color to maintain when it comes to bags." but look at this bag, it's gorgeous! mag-mumukha kaming mayaman hee-hee... given by a generous person from the industry who has been very supportive of our career, even of this blog! this person claims to be "a loyal reader" and even said "i become distraught when you don't post on a daily basis!!!" OK, we promise na to post everyday!!!
thank you to everyone who remembered our birthday and left messages on our facebook wall, texted us, and sent cards, cakes, and presents!


bessie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fun one.

Karrots said...

Happy Birthday Fash Pack!! =D

StyleKit said...

Happy birthday again :D I am also one of your loyal readers/visitors. I start and/or end the day with a visit to FASHPACK ;)

cynical_witch said...

Wow, nice gifts! Belated happy birthday!

So what was your "real birthday present" that was "delivered"? Is that going to appear in a future Fashpack entry? ;)