Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RIP: brian leyva

it's 3:45 on a wednesday afternoon and we have just finished having lunch. late lunch, you say? not if you're in spain. we spent all of tuesday (manila time) on a thai airways flight to madrid via bangkok. best way to fly to madrid. you leave manila at about 8:30 at night and three hours later you're in bangkok to change planes. by midnight (thailand time), you leave for madrid and sleep all the way through till it's time for breakfast before landing in madrid at 8:30 in the morning (spain time). even better when you're in business class. this morning, we were experiencing jet lag and were wide awake by 5 in the morning. so we go online and check facebook. imagine our shock to read all these status updates reading "RIP: brian leyva." as far as we can tell from the comments, he was mugged for his iphone then shot in the head. he was in critical condition in the hospital, but unfortunately, did not survive. we have not had the pleasure of meeting brian, but we did feature his barbie-doll collection from the ballet barbie event. the fash pack would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends he left behind. another young talent taken away too soon...
(photo credit: brian leyva photo from; brian's barbie collection courtesy of buensalido & associates public relations)

Monday, March 29, 2010

we heart dwell

remember a few years back when carrying a baby became the accessory du jour among supermodels and hollywood celebs? well, kids must be making a comeback because we've been noticing a lot of new merchandise geared towards babies and kids. and mind you, not cutesy-patootsy stuff either. kids (and their rooms!) today are better dressed than us! last week, we attended a mini-event to launch the new collection of dwell studio, which makes home accessories for adults and kids. and we like the kids' stuff more! this relatively young american brand (must be about 10 years old) was brought into the philippines by best friends gretchen and dexter. here they are sitting at a bed made up with dwell studio sheets:
they dressed up the presidential suite of the peninsula manila with dwell prints—we loved it!! you know us, nice prints always make us happy. and these are more than nice! we wish our whole house was furnished with dwell! this was their display for the babies and kids collection, featuring their classic prints (like chocolate dots) and the new best-selling owl print:
we like this roomy overnighter, which costs P10k+, for ourselves! perfect for travel as it's coated with water-resistant material to keep it clean and easy to maintain. stinky diapers be damned!
this is adam gobble, head of distribution, who flew in from new york. he's sitting by a pillow with a new print called peacock and a baby alpaca shawl:
adam told us about the history of dwell studio—how this lady and her dog started the business in her kitchen and it just grew into an international conglomerate, which now even produces prints for other companies. (hmmm can we start a business kaya with our doggy too..?) they are expanding their home line to now include dining tabletop accessories, like these cocktail napkins and coasters:
below, just a few of dwell studio's future customers, new mothers jenni and juana, and mother-to-be carmina. count us in, even if we're just a mother to a doggy!
dwell studio ( is available at rustan's makati and rustan's tower, shangri-la plaza

Sunday, March 28, 2010

shopping in château

in the last couple days, we've been panic buying—not for supplies needed during the holy-week shutdown, but for pasalubongs for relatives who live where we're going. and four of them are little girls aged 10, 8, 6, and 4. and shopping for kids is not our strongest suit, so we had to seek advice. we had never heard of this children's clothing boutique called château de sable in mall of asia till its PR told us about it. so we decided to check it out the day before the shock value tour concert (i.e., timbaland, timberlake, jojo).
the clothes are so adorable! they have separates—tops, pants, skirts, shorts, dresses—for girls and boys aged three months to 12 years old. and they're not all cutesy-patootsy with ruffles and puff sleeves and peter-pan collars. they're actually quite chic. (at mukhang pang mayaman!) the clothes were displayed according to color theme to make it easier for customers to pick and choose.
we asked the salesperson where the brand is from and she said singapore. hmmm that didn't seem right, so we did a little googling.

Château de Sable was founded by Stephanie Lemaire in 2002 with a vision of creating children clothes and accessories that are dedicated to quality and details. With her 10 years experience with children ready to wear line in France, Stephanie has been able to combine the creative French tradition of design and comfort with modern excellence.

Taking more inspiration from the playfulness of the children, as Château de Sable means sandcastle in French, the favorite activity of children along the French Riviera, her designs cater to kids age from three months to 12 years old. Lightweight and made from organic cotton, clothes from Château de Sable guarantee not only child-friendly clothes but also safe for the environment.

we ended up getting four sleeveless tops all in the same style and color (because that's how their mum and dad like to dress them—the easier to find them, hehe :-) choosing the sizes was a no-brainer because the age is listed in the sewn-on label—no more guessing! when we dress our four little girls in their château de sable tops, we're going to organize our own mini fashion shoot just like this! (below, château de sable's summer collection)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

hello green tomorrow

kamusta kaya yung concert ni JT? nag-earth hour kaya sila at 8:30pm? or maybe the concert didn't start till 8:31pm... we just thought of this because last wednesday, avon launched its new initiative. avon is known for its support of breast-cancer awareness and raising funds for victims. this time, they're all about the environment, which is why they chose to hold the event at the la mesa ecopark in quezon city. if you think farview is far, this is fartherview. now when was the last time you went to la mesa? or have you ever been? we've been there once during some random field trip in grade school—school, ugh, not a memorable time, so we don't remember what it looked like then. la mesa actually was neglected for many many years, till 1999 when ABS-CBN foundation created bantay kalikasan and in partnership with MWSS started the "save la mesa wastershed" project. 1,722 hectares needed reforestation and today 1,530 hectares are already planted with 80 indigenous species. the place is a work-in-progress, but there are now many nice things to do when you want to get away from the crowded and polluted city—boating, go on picnics, fishing, paintball jungle, camping, hiking, biking, and more. in fact, the hubby likes to go there once a week to mountain bike—apparently, they have really nice biking trails in lush forest areas filled with trees that provide so much shade, it really cools the place down. nice...
avon's new initiative is called "hello green tomorrow." so a bunch of us "avon ladies" met up at starbucks 6750, boarded a bus, braved the traffic, and in an hour we arrived:
the event was held at the boating pavilion:
and look what's behind it! too bad riding a boat wasn't part of the day's activities:
but these were: examining samples of the plants in the park...
learning how to recycle would-be trash...
making a commitment to practice the 5 Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle, replant, rethink—by placing your green thumbprint on the board...
and finally actually preparing little cuttings to be planted within the park—yes, we got our hands dirty! read below for more information on how you can participate:

Global direct-selling makeup brand Avon is using its unique ability to mobilize people―particularly women―starting with its “army” of more than 6.2 million Avon Sales Representatives to nurture Mother Nature and support the conservation of the environment. The company for women launches Hello Green Tomorrow (HGT), an empowering eco-awareness campaign to raise funds and drive environmental education in more than 65 countries including the Philippines.

On an international scale, the initiative kicked off with a US$1 million donation to The Nature Conservancy for the replanting of 1 million trees in the Atlantic Rainforest in South America, otherwise known as the “lungs of the earth”. The Atlantic Rainforest stretches across parts of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, and it is one of the most endangered tropical forest on earth. Presently, only 7% of its forest remains. And sadly, this area has the highest impact on climate change.

Here in the Philippines, the foremost champion of women’s causes makes a commitment to protect Mother Earth by raising funds through its Hello Green Tomorrow Reusable bags for the benefit of Bantay Kalikasan’s reforestation efforts and by promoting the 5Rs of Green Action (Replant, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink)—encouraging everyone to incorporate these Rs into their daily lives. It has also named actor Gerald Anderson, a staunch supporter of the environmental cause, as the campaign’s local ambassador.

Avon’s first step towards eco conservation will begin within its very own ranks, engaging representatives to adopt a green lifestyle and to support fund raising efforts by selling Hello Green Tomorrow reusable bags to their customers for only Php39.00.

Net proceeds from these bags will go to the reforestation project of ABS-CBN’s Bantay Kalikasan in La Mesa. Aside from this, regular use of the HGT bags will mean less need for plastic or paper bags, both of which come with environmental repercussions, with the former contaminating soil and water, and the latter using up a significant number of trees.

With Hello Green Tomorrow, Avon hopes to help everyone realize that each can do his or her own part in helping save the environment, for today and for generations to come.

Learn more about Avon, its products, its advocacies and its meaningful earning opportunities at AVON’S 5 Rs OF GREEN ACTION

Plant one or more trees through Avon Hello Green Tomorrow, which supports ABS-CBN Foundation's Bantay Kalikasan tree--planting project.

Shop smarter. Customers who order products from an Avon Representative save on transportation or gas money.

Use reusable shopping bags, like Avon's Hello Green Tomorrow bag, when you shop at Avon locations. If each Avon customer in the world uses one fewer plastic bag per week, we will save almost 60,000,000 gallons (more than 227,000,000 liters) of oil from the bag manufacturing process.

Recycle items of glass, metal, and paper, such as magazines and newspapers, whenever possible. If every customer recycles just two magazines (or Avon brochures) per year, we will avoid putting 282 million pounds (127,000 metric tons) of waste into landfills.

Think about how you can easily save energy (use efficient light bulbs, turn off lights and unplug appliances when not in use). If just one in 10 Avon representatives worldwide unplugs their cell-phone chargers when not in use, we will avoid emitting over 70,000 tons (63,000 metric tons) of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of taking more than 11,000 cars off the road for a year.

(photo credit: biking photo by james deakin)

Friday, March 26, 2010

have luggage, will travel

traffic was crazy tonight. people were ranting on facebook and twitter about how many hours they had been on the road, trying to take alternative routes home to no avail. maybe city folk were getting a headstart on holy week and began the trek out of town right after office hours. or maybe everyone was out shopping for stuff they'll be needing when everything shuts down next thursday and friday. well, we're getting ready too! and if you're in the market for a new suitcase, check out the newly opened carlton store at the atrium section of SM megamall. they have all types of luggage for all types of travelers. here are just a few we spotted during the formal opening...

if you're the type who always loses her luggage (or has bad eyesight, you can't spot it on the baggage carousel):
for the business traveler, a matching set you don't have to check in:
for a shopping trip with your galpals, have an extra bag ready in case your check-in luggage is overweight:
something structured so as not to crush your breakables and other fragile items:
a handcarry for those quickie, overnight getaways ;-) plus a matching slingbag and case for your beauty products:

Thursday, March 25, 2010


whoa... that earthquake today really scared the bejezuz out of us. there we were, sitting at our desk, multi-tasking—facebooking, ichatting, editing iphoto, and watching "glee" on star world. when the shaking began... earthquake? or are we just getting hilo from hunger? then we saw the little tassel on our desk lamp swinging, the clothes hanging on the rack swinging, the pendant lamp from the ceiling swinging... holy shit, it's an earthquake!! and it wouldn't stop, aaaahhhh, let's get the hell outta here! so we grabbed our phone, grabbed our keys, and grabbed the dog (who was peacefully sleeping and seemed a little miffed that we woke him up—aren't animals supposed to sense these things???), and headed out the door and down the stairs. then it stopped. haay! all these earthquakes happening all over the world one after the other, it's just making everyone jittery. especially since the philippines lies within the pacific ring of fire. it's mother nature's revenge on us, people! let's start taking care of her! and let's start with earth hour this saturday, march 27 at 8:30pm. wherever you are in the world, when 8:30pm strikes, turn off your lights for just one hour to show your support for planet earth and to take a stand against climate change. and this saturday, if you shop at charles & keith, you get a limited-edition lavender-scented "earth hour" candle for free! Charles & Keith shares in the global efforts of the Earth Hour in raising awareness on the need to take action on climate change. On March 27, 2010, Charles & Keith stores nationwide will switch off several lights from their stores for a full hour in support of this global initiative.

Charles & Keith also encourage its customers to take part in the worldwide event through the “Charles & Keith supports Earth Hour tea-light candle” campaign. Every regular purchase of Charles & Keith footwear and/or bag allows the customer to claim a lavender-scented candle made of environmentally friendly crystalline blend palm wax especially designed for the Earth Hour. This will only be available from the opening hours of the stores on March 27 while supplies last.

For more information, please visit The landing and homepage banner of the website will also go on a darker color shade to signify its support for the event.

charles & keith located at greenbelt 5, power plant mall, megamall, and most major malls.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the hubby goes shopping

most kids are now on summer vacation and by next week, lots of people are off for the holy-week holiday. including us! so for those of you who are off to the beach, your guy (husband, boyfriend, brother, son, gay best friend) might want to get a new pair of swim shorts. while walking through greenbelt 5 one afternoon, we were attracted to the merchandise on display at this store. because it was full of colorful prints!
since we aren't really big beach people (but are learning to be), swimming paraphernalia is the last thing we look at. but this we had to look at. we weren't familiar with vilebrequin and found out that the brand was born in 1971 in saint-tropez. the swim shorts are made of spinnaker canvas (the type used for sailboats), which makes them quite sturdy and dry faster. plus they come in the most wonderful colors and prints! so we took the hubby to rustan's makati, where vilebrequin is also available.
these shorts don't come cheap, though. the hubby picked a basic pair of trunks in a solid color—albeit in kate-spade green (feeling summer :-)—and it cost P7,750. well, this is an investment and we'll make sure he doesn't buy another pair for the next 10 years or if he gains 10 pounds, whichever comes first. now how adorable are these matching father-and-son shorts?? (hmmm, will our doggy fit into one kaya? tee-hee..)
they also have casual-clothing items, like knits and shirts, and accessories like caps and towels.
now here was our question: nothing for women?? we love the prints and colors, which just might make swimsuit shopping a little more fun :-) according to the sales associate, there will a women's collection by june. we'll be back...

vilebrequin is located at greenbelt 5 and rustan's makati

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shopping is exercise

the fash pack is planning another trip and thankfully this one will be a more "civilized" type of travel that will involve sightseeing, museum visits, eating out, and, of course, shopping. and speaking of shopping, we got ourselves a new pair of shoes, which we think will be well-equipped for the aforementioned activities. we've been reading about these new shoes by reebok called easytone. there's a new trend for non-athletic shoes that when worn and you go about your regular business of walking, climbing stairs, crossing the street, and yes, even shopping, these activities will mimic exercise because the shoes work the leg muscles, but in a way you hardly notice. so yesterday, we wore our new reebok easytone for the first time and went about our regular business—of shopping. lots of last-minute stuff to pick up before we leave plus we had to buy some pasalubong for our hosts. so we walked around ayala center from 12 noon to about 4 in the afternoon, then moved to bonifacio high street to check out the CPS chaps sale in dimensione's third-floor space. that's a lot of walking and stair (and escalator) climbing! but not once did we feel tired! in fact, we felt quite bouncy :-)
the shoe has two balance pods in the sole, built-in the heel and forefoot. it feels funny when you first stand and walk in the shoes, like you're balancing on those japanese-type clogs. apparently, these pods are supposed to create natural instability, forcing your glutes, hamstrings, and calves to work extra, thus toning the muscles.
we considered getting the flip-flops—the footbed feels like you're stepping on pillows! but we can't wear them where we're going—winter is still transitioning into spring, so it'll be cold!
anyway, when we woke up today, we actually felt that our muscles were a bit sore—you know that feeling the day after engaging in a strenuous activity? that's how we felt. which means we actually DID exercise!
reebok easytone shoes (P5,495) and flip-flops (P3,095) available at reebok concept stores at SM megamall and festival supermall, and at royal sporting house and the shoe shop