Thursday, March 18, 2010

ballet barbie

for the last couple of months on facebook, every so often, photos of mini (no pun intended) collections of fashionably dressed barbies would pop up. apparently, our designer friends were commissioned by ballet philippines to design and create clothes for several barbies each, which were all to be auctioned off. last night was the debut of these barbies at the peninsula manila and the gowns and dresses just blew us away! if children's clothes are difficult to make because of the size, can you imagine how much work went into these little couture creations?? it was like the designers hired little elves with little fingers to cut, see, and embellish. we were never fans of barbie (even as a kid—we preferred stuffed toys. each time we received a doll, we would promptly remove the head, eek!), but we couldn't help but ooh and aah as we viewed each collection on display. well, ok, it wasn't about barbie, it was about the clothes. genius!! we don't know if these barbies will be on display for the general public (as well as fashion and barbie lovers) to see, but we think they should! just look at the meticulous work that went into these "little women" (click to enlarge and see the details)...

aureo alonzo:
avel bacudio:
barge ramos:
brian leyva:
eric de los santos:
gerry katigbak:
ivarluski aseron:
james reyes:
JC buendia:
jerome ang:
joel escober:
joey samson:
katrina goulbourn:
mitzi quilendrino:
patrice ramos:
ramon esteban:
randy ortiz:
rhett eala:
tippi ocampo:
haay, ang dami! we're not even halfway! to be continued...

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