Monday, March 01, 2010

brand new heavies

before saturday night, we had sent our regrets to bench. we couldn't be there for the launch of jake cuenca for bench body at mall of asia because we already bought tickets to the brand new heavies concert, which was happening at the same time: 6pm. at least that's what it said on the ticket. we wanted to get there on time because it was first-come-first-served seating! so while we were on our way to the concert, chuvaness was at mall of asia, hosting and judging the nihongo fiesta photo exhibit and streetwear competition, and would attend the bench body event after, so she asked us to update her and reserve her four seats. so we gave her a blow-by-blow. we got to the sofitel philippine plaza parking lot by 6pm—may parking pa. at may araw pa! what concert starts before sunset?? di bagay sa ambience. we go up the steps to the harbour garden tent and see people milling around. the venue was not yet open! so what else is there to do but have a few [overpriced] cocktails... and more cocktails... and by the third drink, people were queued up by the bay-side entrance and in we went and grabbed some seats. only to be reprimanded by the producer/organizer that the bands were still doing a sound check and yelled at us to please get out (exagg). haay who opened the doors and let us in in the first place?? so out we went for more cocktails. di na kami excited. so when they finally opened the doors at 7pm, we took our time going in (baka mapahiya na naman kami). we took a couple free seats in the middle section, about 12th row (which was OK because once the brand new heavies came on, everyone rushed the stage and just basically danced). we assured chuvaness that there were plenty of seats at hindi sila ma-uubusan. by 7:45pm, some guy came on. we texted chuvaness that the show was starting and she texted back that she was already seated on the left side. dang! we could've gone to the bench body event and not missed anything at the concert! after this guy, sinosikat came on. we met lead singer kat agarrado years and years ago when she used to go out with steve tirona tee-hee.. chuvaness thinks she looks like rissa mananquil, but we think she looks more like a baby nicolette bell! (baby kasi petite :-)
(photos are bad eek!) then mischka adams was next. wow these gals are so pretty (and so good).
then some thai band called jirapan came on, which we didn't really care for. then fifteen-minute intermission, which gave us a chance to go out and breathe the "fresh" manila bay air and have more cocktails and schmooze. we almost forgot what we came to see kasi ang tagal! finally at 10pm, after four hours of waiting (and drinking hehe), ladies and gentlemen, the brand new heavies!!!

PS: and after the concert, we found out that while we were enjoying ourselves, an intensity 8.8 earthquake hit chile, causing tsunami warnings across the pacific ocean, including the philippines! thank god, we were all spared!!!

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