Thursday, March 25, 2010


whoa... that earthquake today really scared the bejezuz out of us. there we were, sitting at our desk, multi-tasking—facebooking, ichatting, editing iphoto, and watching "glee" on star world. when the shaking began... earthquake? or are we just getting hilo from hunger? then we saw the little tassel on our desk lamp swinging, the clothes hanging on the rack swinging, the pendant lamp from the ceiling swinging... holy shit, it's an earthquake!! and it wouldn't stop, aaaahhhh, let's get the hell outta here! so we grabbed our phone, grabbed our keys, and grabbed the dog (who was peacefully sleeping and seemed a little miffed that we woke him up—aren't animals supposed to sense these things???), and headed out the door and down the stairs. then it stopped. haay! all these earthquakes happening all over the world one after the other, it's just making everyone jittery. especially since the philippines lies within the pacific ring of fire. it's mother nature's revenge on us, people! let's start taking care of her! and let's start with earth hour this saturday, march 27 at 8:30pm. wherever you are in the world, when 8:30pm strikes, turn off your lights for just one hour to show your support for planet earth and to take a stand against climate change. and this saturday, if you shop at charles & keith, you get a limited-edition lavender-scented "earth hour" candle for free! Charles & Keith shares in the global efforts of the Earth Hour in raising awareness on the need to take action on climate change. On March 27, 2010, Charles & Keith stores nationwide will switch off several lights from their stores for a full hour in support of this global initiative.

Charles & Keith also encourage its customers to take part in the worldwide event through the “Charles & Keith supports Earth Hour tea-light candle” campaign. Every regular purchase of Charles & Keith footwear and/or bag allows the customer to claim a lavender-scented candle made of environmentally friendly crystalline blend palm wax especially designed for the Earth Hour. This will only be available from the opening hours of the stores on March 27 while supplies last.

For more information, please visit The landing and homepage banner of the website will also go on a darker color shade to signify its support for the event.

charles & keith located at greenbelt 5, power plant mall, megamall, and most major malls.

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