Friday, March 26, 2010

have luggage, will travel

traffic was crazy tonight. people were ranting on facebook and twitter about how many hours they had been on the road, trying to take alternative routes home to no avail. maybe city folk were getting a headstart on holy week and began the trek out of town right after office hours. or maybe everyone was out shopping for stuff they'll be needing when everything shuts down next thursday and friday. well, we're getting ready too! and if you're in the market for a new suitcase, check out the newly opened carlton store at the atrium section of SM megamall. they have all types of luggage for all types of travelers. here are just a few we spotted during the formal opening...

if you're the type who always loses her luggage (or has bad eyesight, you can't spot it on the baggage carousel):
for the business traveler, a matching set you don't have to check in:
for a shopping trip with your galpals, have an extra bag ready in case your check-in luggage is overweight:
something structured so as not to crush your breakables and other fragile items:
a handcarry for those quickie, overnight getaways ;-) plus a matching slingbag and case for your beauty products:

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