Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the hubby goes shopping

most kids are now on summer vacation and by next week, lots of people are off for the holy-week holiday. including us! so for those of you who are off to the beach, your guy (husband, boyfriend, brother, son, gay best friend) might want to get a new pair of swim shorts. while walking through greenbelt 5 one afternoon, we were attracted to the merchandise on display at this store. because it was full of colorful prints!
since we aren't really big beach people (but are learning to be), swimming paraphernalia is the last thing we look at. but this we had to look at. we weren't familiar with vilebrequin and found out that the brand was born in 1971 in saint-tropez. the swim shorts are made of spinnaker canvas (the type used for sailboats), which makes them quite sturdy and dry faster. plus they come in the most wonderful colors and prints! so we took the hubby to rustan's makati, where vilebrequin is also available.
these shorts don't come cheap, though. the hubby picked a basic pair of trunks in a solid color—albeit in kate-spade green (feeling summer :-)—and it cost P7,750. well, this is an investment and we'll make sure he doesn't buy another pair for the next 10 years or if he gains 10 pounds, whichever comes first. now how adorable are these matching father-and-son shorts?? (hmmm, will our doggy fit into one kaya? tee-hee..)
they also have casual-clothing items, like knits and shirts, and accessories like caps and towels.
now here was our question: nothing for women?? we love the prints and colors, which just might make swimsuit shopping a little more fun :-) according to the sales associate, there will a women's collection by june. we'll be back...

vilebrequin is located at greenbelt 5 and rustan's makati

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That's really expensive! Got a Speedo boardshorts for Php3.5k. And your husband just got trunks and already double the price. Though I have to admit, Vilebrequin's prints are, uhm, cute.