Thursday, March 04, 2010

let's eat: the goose station

what is your most memorable restaurant meal? one of ours is a tasting menu we had a year ago at a michelin-starred restaurant in santiago de compostela, spain called casa marcelo. it's located in non-descript building on a typical cobblestone street. there were eight items on the menu and each was a visual and oral delight. and every bite was a surprise on the palate because the combination of flavors and textures was just exquisite. dishes like foie gras mousse sprinkled with popcorn bits, thin strips of squid that resemble fettuccine pasta, flat potato spread with fried egg then rolled and sprinkled with shaved truffles, and on and on... ooh how we wish we could go back again... well, last tuesday, a dinner with friends got canceled, so we decided to try the goose station (the name is a play on degustation), a new restaurant, which opened late last year. and we have to say that their degustation menu was one of the best meals we've had in a while! at par with casa marcelo and better than the one we had at l'atelier de joël robuchon in paris (over-rated in our opinion and strictly for bragging rights)! at the goose station, we had the signature menu—not cheap at P2,500—which had 10 items. we wanted to order the cheaper (P1,700) express menu, which had five items, but we were told that since we were only two, we had to order the same menu. hooo-kay, signature menu it is!

it started with snacks, which we were told to eat in this order (from back to front): foie cone, potato glass, truffle puff, and prociutto guava macaroon. everything was light and fluffy and very subtley flavored. a teaser for what was to come, if you will:
squash soup (with hazelnut, corn, chorizo bilbao, thyme froth, white truffle oil, allspice), which was a good size. not bitin, but not nakaka-busog:
to warm up your taste buds, a salmon gravlax was served as the first appetizer. white asparagus flan, parmesan, avocado oil, caviar, potato chips, micro greens:
then came eggs benedict—we've never had it like this, served in a martini glass! poached egg, hollandaise foam, cabon tuile, fleur de sel, white truffle oil:
time for the beet garden salad described as textures of beet, corn and orange, davao goat's cheese, walnut and gingerbread "soil" and the rest of the garden. now isn't this pretty?? we were told to eat the pale green cube next to the escargot shell last to cleanse the palate for the next dish:
after, it started to get just a little bit more hearty. little lang because everything was still quite delicate in flavor. we loved the combination of textures (soft, crunchy, crispy) and tastes (salty, sweet, sour) in this dish: unagi-foie gras terrine (apple "tartare," gingerbread and chocolate "soil," brioche toast point, chives):
their version of a spanish dish: fideua negra (morcilla, seared scallop, angulas, tomato-pepper salsa, and aioli foam, which was "spritzed" at the table). don't smile after eating this because your teeth will get black from the squid-ink pasta:
finally, the pièce de résistance: 24-hour steak (sous vide prime short rib, truffle whipped potatoes, homemade steak sauce, buure schublig, crisp onions). thank god it was a small piece because we were stuffed by the time this came! (yes, even with the tiny portions, we were full.) the beef was so soft and flavorful because it's supposed to have been cooking for 24 hours. we could only eat one-fourth and wanted to take the rest home, but our date was only too happy to have our leftover:
and of course dessert: mixed berry galette (honey thyme ice cream, aged balsamic):
and a bittersweet farewell, which would go well with your coffee. so light and crispy:
and all this washed down with a cheval noir saint-émilion grand vin. nice, easy-to-drink red wine. tastes better if you decant it; unfortunately, they didn't have a decanter (or they ran out, maybe):
the goose station located at W tower, 1117 39th st., bonifacio global city, taguig, tel 556-9068,

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