Wednesday, March 03, 2010

new & improved

last week, the people behind contacted us telling us that they were refurbishing the female network website and wanted to get permission to include the fash pack in its list of "blogs we love." we were honored! so of course we said yes, anobaaa?? so do check it out. just like (which is addicting, you gotta visit it everyday just to keep up with local pop culture and current events), it's got lots of stuff that'll keep you entertained and informed. and don't forget to click on the fash pack (and the other blogs, of course :-) UPDATE: in addition to linking to their favorite blogs, some of the best writers in the country comprise female network's in-house bloggers: rica bolipata santos (motherline), gerard fabie (man in the muddle), lara parpan (you can do this!), and jenny trias (the wonderbra years). click here for details on how female network was made bigger, brighter, and better. congratulations!

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