Friday, March 12, 2010

rain, rain

how did we ever survive without cell phones and the internet?? after experiencing three days of no cell signal and no internet, it's easy to see how the rest of the country can be so cut off from what's happening in manila and other big cities. in batad, a village in banaue that is quite isolated, with only basic electricity and no cable TV, there are no campaign posters or even newspapers to keep them abreast of current events. they probably think marcos is still the president! ok, exagg, but you get the point. we didn't know who won the oscars, we didn't know about this whole kris-ruffa tiff, we didn't know that someone bought a diamond-encrusted croc birkin for 8.9 million pesos at the hermès launch! but as we made the trip back to manila today, we finally got our signal back and got to go online and found out through facebook that it rained today! after five days of perfect—i.e., sunny but cool—weather, it was hard to believe it poured. but as we drove through sctex and nlex, sure enough there it was:

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