Saturday, March 20, 2010

saving hair

our hair sure took a beating during that road trip last week. from quick-washing it in cold water, no conditioner, walking under the sun (and the color—well, fuhgedaboudit!)—but you know us pinay gals, we just have to shampoo everyday, no matter what the conditions! so we were very lucky to be one of the invited guests at studio fix by alex carbonell, greenbelt 5 to try out the new pureology service by l'oréal. they call it a "hair-care bar" where a customized "cocktail" of pureology products is chosen just for you, depending on your hair's needs. they call it "mixology."
when we arrived and signed up at the reception, alex personally assessed our hair and decided which of pureology's treatments was right for us and what final look to give us. they even have a "prescription" pad so it's all there in black and white! (and in, er, aubergine.) since our hair is already back to its original buhaghag state, he recommended the supersmooth system, which is "for unruly, color-treated hair" (yup, sounds like us). but for the end result, he instructed our "hair bartender" to blow-dry our hair with a little volume in the roots, so it won't look too flat.
the treatment began with shampoo, then application of the masque (with matching massage, of course), then they put your head under some steaming contraption for the product to better penetrate each strand. after 10 minutes, rinse out, then blow-out. we were told that the pureology hair-care range from l'oréal is different because it is 100% vegan, zerosulfate, and natural-based. ok, that's good to know, but what we really love about it is the smell—ang bango! these are the products that were used on us (gazh, looks like a lot. guess our hair really needed that much help!):
we actually had a "before" shot, but no way are we going to show that! but we bumped into bianca gonzalez getting the same treatment. here she is, all bundled and "moist":
and here is the end result. huwaw! is all we can say! alex, can you please make us look like this??

studio fix by alex carbonell is located in greenbelt 5 4/f, tel 501-3062 and 501-3064

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Anne said...

I hope you don't mind if I ask on how much would the Pureology hair treatment cost if hair length's right just the bra line? or maybe few inches below the bra line?