Monday, March 22, 2010

shiseido white lucent

today was one of those days.. so slow getting up in the morning, preparing breakfast (making coffee and heating a leftover krispy kreme), choosing clothes (haay looks like the same ol' loose trousers and baggy shirt; in other words, our "fat" clothes), getting dressed, and finally leaving the house three hours later.. how long does it take YOU to get ready in the morning?? because of that, we forgot (again!) that we had some event to attend in the evening. this time it was the launch of shiseido's white lucent line at ayala museum. well, it was a good thing we spent the entire afternoon in glorietta. after having coffee and cake at cibo, we decided to step across to the ramp and bought a cute printed dress from cole vintage—perfect for summer. only to find out, as we arrived at the event, that the requested attire was white! waaahh, not paying attention again!!
at least we weren't in all-black, lest we be mistaken for a waiter. there was a "countdown to better skin" or something like that, because "spots diminish in just two weeks."
and here comes the spotless (i.e., flawless) georgina wilson to wind up the countdown and introduce the new products. (dear god, since we've been good and started exercising na, can you please give us legs like that?)
when the countdown reached zero, down came a black curtain hung against one wall to reveal a counter with the products, manned by the shiseido staff (hey, there are our fave shiseido makeup artists marvin, second from right, and joven, left).
check out the complete line at shiseido, greenbelt 5 and glorietta 4.

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