Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shopping is exercise

the fash pack is planning another trip and thankfully this one will be a more "civilized" type of travel that will involve sightseeing, museum visits, eating out, and, of course, shopping. and speaking of shopping, we got ourselves a new pair of shoes, which we think will be well-equipped for the aforementioned activities. we've been reading about these new shoes by reebok called easytone. there's a new trend for non-athletic shoes that when worn and you go about your regular business of walking, climbing stairs, crossing the street, and yes, even shopping, these activities will mimic exercise because the shoes work the leg muscles, but in a way you hardly notice. so yesterday, we wore our new reebok easytone for the first time and went about our regular business—of shopping. lots of last-minute stuff to pick up before we leave plus we had to buy some pasalubong for our hosts. so we walked around ayala center from 12 noon to about 4 in the afternoon, then moved to bonifacio high street to check out the CPS chaps sale in dimensione's third-floor space. that's a lot of walking and stair (and escalator) climbing! but not once did we feel tired! in fact, we felt quite bouncy :-)
the shoe has two balance pods in the sole, built-in the heel and forefoot. it feels funny when you first stand and walk in the shoes, like you're balancing on those japanese-type clogs. apparently, these pods are supposed to create natural instability, forcing your glutes, hamstrings, and calves to work extra, thus toning the muscles.
we considered getting the flip-flops—the footbed feels like you're stepping on pillows! but we can't wear them where we're going—winter is still transitioning into spring, so it'll be cold!
anyway, when we woke up today, we actually felt that our muscles were a bit sore—you know that feeling the day after engaging in a strenuous activity? that's how we felt. which means we actually DID exercise!
reebok easytone shoes (P5,495) and flip-flops (P3,095) available at reebok concept stores at SM megamall and festival supermall, and at royal sporting house and the shoe shop


rica said...

this reebok looks so much like the adds of fitflop.
and http://fitflop.multiply.com/journal/item/17/The_Gift_of_Wellness_is_still_the_best

cynical_witch said...

I need some exercise shoes as well and these seem interesting.

Don't they look bulky on you? (That's my main complaint about cross-trainers and running shoes.) And are these strictly for walking around only? Or do they come in "athletic" versions as well?

the fash pack said...

hey c-w, a couple of styles look like running shoes, so yes, a bit bulky. but they're not made for running daw. the other styles are a little sleeker, like regular casual shoes. but we loved walking in them, we didn't get tired, pramis!