Friday, April 30, 2010

belated happy earth day

oi! we completely missed earth day which was over a week ago, april 22! we were reminded because lush emailed us some info on what they're doing to raise awareness, as well as how they do their best as a company to keep the earth clean and green.

Environmental awareness may only just be creeping into the consciousness of the beauty industry, but there’s one company who has been pioneering in this field since its inception - LUSH fresh, handmade cosmetics. April 22nd 2010 will mark the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day, when 20 million Americans protested against the damage being done to the planet. 2010 also marks Lush’s 15th anniversary and we are as committed today to ethical trading and sustainability as we were all those years ago.

Being green and environmentally aware doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune, or give up all your favourite luxury products. When you buy from Lush you are guaranteed the most beautiful, fresh, effective products possible … you can also be happy in the knowledge that the company does all it can to help preserve our planet the way it is. As we like it that way and don’t want to loose it.

We especially like being naked and encourage you to do the same! Our innovative range of solid products allow minimal or no preservatives and packaging, which means less waste heading to landfill. 67% of our current product range is ‘naked’ and in 2009, in the UK alone, we sold over 5.9 million naked items.

200,000 of these items were shampoo bars, meaning that 15 tonnes of plastic was avoided. Lush shampoo bars are small, convenient, easy to carry and easy to use. Use them just like soap to effectively clean the hair of everyday dirt and grime. Each bar lasts for over 80 washes, the equivalent of 3 bottles of 250g shampoo, which is both kinder for the environment and your wallet.

It’s imperative other businesses do the same, as until global levels of palm use are cut dramatically, and plans to use palm oil as a biofuel are scrapped entirely, there is little hope for a workable sustainable palm oil industry, and the future of the forests, animals and people of Indonesia and Malaysia is bleak. By choosing products not containing palm oil, like Lush soap, you are doing your bit to help preserve the only remaining habitat of the orangutan, as if things continue as they are then they will be extinct within 10 years.

choose from their new product line! (see below, including top photo: godiva shampoo and conditioning bar)


Thursday, April 29, 2010

be stupid on may 1!

not literally of course (or maybe you could). to promote diesel's new spring/summer 2010 campaign called "be stupid"—which is really a campaign for bravery, spontaneity, and saying yes—they're giving away this BE STUPID T-shirt for free! no purchase necessary!
all you have to do this saturday, may 1, 2010 is to wear any diesel item, whether old or new, go to power plant mall, go straight to the diesel store, fall in line—hopefully, the queue won't be that long, good luck—and get a free T-shirt! (we could go and wear our diesel dirty thirty jeans—but we gained weight during our trip and now they won't fit! can we lose five pounds in two days??) but be there early because it's a first-come-first-served kinda deal. so don't delay because... UPDATE! we heard they are giving away only 100 T-shirts, so now you REALLY have to be there early! even before the mall opens! ready, set, go!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

labor day promo!

LABOR DAY WEEKEND TREAT from PEDRO footwear and accessories Buy two, get 50% off on the second item from April 29 to May 2, 2010* *Applicable to regular-priced items only. Discount will be applied to the lower-priced item. Transaction must be in a single receipt. Pedro Woman and shoe-care products not included.

pedro is located in bonifacio high street, mall of asia, and trinoma

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

who he?

ok, so time to get back into the swing of things! today we attended our first event since we'd been back. and we were late! madrid is six hours behind manila, and when you come back from europe and you're jet lagging, you're in bed tossing and turning till you fall asleep at around 4 in the morning. so today we woke up at 12 noon. and didn't get out of bed till 1pm. which means by the time we got to the sinéquanone event in greenbelt 5 by 4pm, the show was over! (event started at 3pm.) oh well. so we hung out and chit-chatted with the remaining guests, catching up on what's what and who's who in manila. as we were doing this, a cute young guy approached our little group and introduced himself, asking who was in charge of the show. we thought he wanted to sell us something. instead he told us he wants to be a model daw. what do you think:
his name is joseph boustani, a half-filipino and half-lebanese boy. he bragged that he was featured in the latest issue of cosmopolitan philippines as one of summer's steamy studs. they call him "leyte's luscious looker" (his mom is from leyte):
he told us to vote for him on cosmo's website. he even passed out pieces of paper with the website link and instructions, and his name typed out, including his email address. plus he's on facebook daw and he doesn't ignore anyone who wants to be his friend. ma-abilidad! he's really cute, but we couldn't get over how short he was. he was shorter than us and we were in flats! (let's just say we're taller than madonna, but shorter than, er, heidi klum.) if you think he deserves to win, go to and click on cosmo hunk finder and vote for joseph! open till may 15!

Monday, April 26, 2010

mad vs bkk

we're baaaack! so now we will experience first-hand the top three topics of facebook the four weeks we were away: election fever, the 35-degree heat, and the outrageous hike in meralco's bills. and bubbling under: jejemon. (what is it? and how do you pronounce it??) we spent the last two days in transit—left madrid saturday at 1pm and flew to bangkok for about 12 hours, then had a three-hour stopover in bangkok, then three hours flying from bangkok to manila, finally arriving at 1:30 sunday afternoon. and we got an upgrade on thai airways, all the way, baby, woo-hoo! haay so nice to fly business class on thai airways (hopefully soon we get to fly first class—the seats are so huge it's like having your own bedroom).
so being upgraded meant we got to hang out at the lounges. wow, the difference between the lounge in barajas and in suvarnabhumi—like day and night! first of all, the lounge in barajas is shared among many airlines. you are about to enter a no-wifi zone...
oops correction: there is wifi but it's not free, you have to pay for it. hmmm... and although the bar seemed fully stocked naman, there was nothing to eat but crackers and olives. and when we wanted to use the bathroom, oye! apparently the cleaning lady rules! first she was cleaning the ladies room, so no one was allowed in. women were queued up but she didn't care. later it was the men she wouldn't allow in, so they too had to wait in line. by the time we left, she was mopping the lobby area right in front of the restrooms and NOBODY was allowed to step on the floor! we said forget it we'll just use the toilet outside on the way to the gate.
what a contrast with the restrooms at the royal silk lounge (or lounges—they have several throughout the airport) at suvarnabhumi. there was an attendant standing outside the restrooms at all times to guide you with her hand which door to enter. with matching sawasdee ka greeting! and there were lots of light finger foods and snacks to choose from. we especially liked the mini-siopaos with different meats: pork, chicken, shrimp.. plus free wifi! we got to check our email, facebook, and chat. so pleasant. and sorry no photo! we had such a nice, relaxing time that pulling out a camera was the last thing on our mind...

Friday, April 23, 2010

new shoes

everybody on facebook seems to be talking about the make your own havaianas event, which started yesterday at the rockwell tent till april 26. hmmm we wonder if the fash pack was invited this time. this is their fifth year (another successful one, no doubt—it just gets bigger every year!) and we've gone to the last three. but look at what we spotted during our day spent at chueca: a window display of espadrilles by havaianas!
we had never seen anything like them: the classic canvas espadrilles, but instead of a jute sole, it's made with havaianas' rubber sole. but quite pricey at about €29. but we love the colors! and you can wear these on wet surfaces! (because the regular jute sole absorbs moisture and you end up with moist feet ;-) apparently, this style—as well as new sneaker styles—was introduced just last month to some markets. then, at the mango store, we spotted this:

apparently, mango collaborated with nike last year and released some very "hiphop" style trainers—chunky, high-cut, neon colors. this year, the shoes are sleeker and more wearable for everyday by everyday people.
but we were told that this, too, is a limited-edition collection available only in specific countries like spain. (well, mango IS from spain... but nike is from the US, hmmm...)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

outlet shopping, part 3

today, we decided to go to chueca, which is known in madrid as the "gay district." this used to be a really rundown, dangerous neighborhood, till the gay community decided to clean it up and make it a hip village with cool and funky boutiques, cafés, and residential areas. and look what we found! an outlet for mango!
from the outside, it looks just like a regular mango shop. but once you step inside, you can't miss the doorway marked "outlet," which leads to a staircase to the second floor. (the current-season collection is on the ground floor.)
there you'll find mango's past-season merchandise, including stuff we bought at full price in manila, damn!
and, yes, you can go shopping with your man (or your gay best friend) because they also carry he by mango, their menswear line introduced several years ago. isn't this available in manila yet??

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

malling in madrid, part 2

remember how we said there are no malls in madrid? well, maybe not in the city center, but in the outskirts, visible from the freeways, you'll find sprawling shopping centers with ikeas and carrefours and outlets for clothing, furniture/home decor, and sporting equipment. and this newly opened mall we discovered during one such excursion called plaza norte 2 (hmmm is there a plaza norte 1?).
as we entered, we were surprised to find it quite empty—not of shops, but of people! such a contrast from the malls in manila. and we were so awed by the interiors, we had never seen anything like it!
of course, after going around, it was starting to look a little gaudy. and you would think they would be proud of this new mall—because after taking a couple of snapshots of the vaulted ceiling, we were approached by a mall guard and told not to take photos—or something like it in spanish! what? why?? but we're just tourists! "foto—no!" with a wave of his hand and walked away.
oh well, we just have to do it a little more discreetly. the spanish authorities have been very strict with taking photograhs of public spaces because of terrorism, what with ETA bombings and all. we know someone—a photography and architecture hobbyist—who, while on holiday in madrid, was taking photos of buildings on the gran via with his SLR camera, then was stopped by the guardia civil! to the point that he had to show that he deleted his photos, can you imagine?? too much!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

day trip to cuenca

this week is the homestretch for us before we finally fly back to manila. and thank god, madrid was not affected by the ashfall! and yey! flights are slooowly resuming around europe. we have friends around europe who are stranded or hoping not to be stranded, as well as friends in manila waiting for confirmation of flights to europe. meanwhile, we decided to take another day trip out of the city, this time to cuenca, which is a couple of hours from madrid.
this UNESCO world heritage site is divided into the new town and the old town. it's located in the castilla-la mancha autonomous region. after parking our car at the tourism center, picking up a free map, and getting some tips from the guy behind the counter, we started our hike up this "vertical" town.
the old medieval town is built into the hillsides and so are the houses. called casas colgadas (hanging houses), the amazing thing is when you go in, the house goes several floors down—within the hill! this is one of the most photographed of the hanging houses:
unfortunately, these houses are all privately owned so we didn't get to enter any. possibly, during the weekend when there are many tourists, but we went on a weekday and there were hardly any tourists—just sightseeing seniors and bus-loads of students. we had to cross the puente de san pablo, a bridge 300 feet high and 133 feet long to get from one end to the other. scary!! the railings on either side are not that high. we kept wondering if anyone had fallen off this bridge!
but we had no choice but to cross it because lunch was on the other side hehe.. people who had been to cuenca recommended eating at parador de cuenca, which was built in the 16th century and used to be a convent.
the hotel interiors and courtyard:
this is the restaurant, which used to be the convent's chapel. look at the beautiful ceiling!
we decided to have the tasting menu called la mesa encantada, which featured bite-sized portions of the local specialties, starting with the appetizers. our favorite was something called morteruelo (in the little bowl, photo below), a paté made of game like hare, partridge, hen, and pork. it was served warm and is kinda stringy and is best eaten with bread. we have never eaten anything like it, so good!!
after lunch, we took a walk around the old town, which goes up and down narrow cobblestone streets and steps, making it easy to get lost—it was like a maze! we found the plaza mayor and the stunning cathedral (called the basílica de nuestra señora de gracia) beside it (check out the detail: a gargoyle!).
we just kept walking on and ended up at this fortress-gate-type of wall called arco de bezugo or el castillo, which you could climb up to get an unobstructed view of the town and the mountains surrounding the town.