Thursday, April 15, 2010

beware the spring flowers!

ever since our group arrived in madrid two and a half weeks ago, we'd been feeling under the weather: runny noses, cough, feverish, achey bones, and general malaise. we thought it was because we came from very hot weather to temps that linger from 10-19°C during the day. we finally went to see a neighborhood doctor who asked us (via interpreter because our spanish is majorly rusty, as in super kalawang, in spite of having studied it from kinder to grade school to high school to UP) all sorts of questions regarding our symptoms. the verdict: allergy to pollen! we arrived at the onset of spring when all the flowers were beginning to bloom. eh kahit yung mga weeds sa tabi-tabi may bulaklak, ang gaganda! and when flowers bloom, that means they release pollen into the air. we don't see it, but we sure can feel its effects. and the pollen situation this year is especially fierce—plus we live near a park! apparently, in tropical countries like the philippines, the humidity causes the pollen to immediately fall to the ground before we can inhale any and feel its effects. haay delikado pala yang mga bulaklak na yan!

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