Tuesday, April 06, 2010

day trip to porto

while we're on the subject of portugal, we'd like to tell our travel-loving readers about another city we visited. from quinta do portal, we drove an hour and a half to the west coast—to porto, which is portugal's second biggest city, next to the capital lisbon. and this is where port was invented! we imagine many europeans must like to travel all the way here when they want to see the ocean (the atlantic!), breath in the fresh air, inhale some negative ions, and just soak up the sun (especially when it's a beautiful spring day, like the day we visited).
we went to the foz district, which considered the "posh" neighborhood, with lots of lovely restaurants, cafés, and bars (housed in old buildings) along the waterfront avenue. maganda ang view kahit saan ka tumingin! this is by avenida do brasil:
the coastline is quite rugged and the waves were huge, so we don't think this beach is recommended for swimming.
we decided to have lunch by a seaside café and ordered simple fare like salmon and roast beef sandwiches and their local beer, super bock.
after, we had coffee and dessert in another café, located in a "baywalk" along rua do passeio alegre. doesn't the curvy tile design remind you of the senado square in macau? well, after all, macau was a colony of portugal for over 400 years!

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