Friday, April 09, 2010

home shopping

while window shopping in madrid, we find ourselves gravitating not towards clothing stores but towards home stores. of course most of the time, hanggang tingin lang kami. ang mahal noh. first on the list is zara home. when oh when will SSI bring this store to manila??
we love their current display, all these colorful prints to welcome spring. so bright and happy :-)
and, of course, not to be missed is the mother of all home stores: ikea! it's "visita obligada" for pinoys who come to town, as our manileña-turned-madrileña says, tee-hee...
we went a little crazy in here. the printed fabrics were priced quite affordably. in manila, most fabrics go for like P300 a yard; in ikea, it's €3.99 a meter! super cute pa! as we were deciding which fabric to buy and what to do with it, we spotted a bin with bolts of fabric on sale for €0.99 a meter!! we could not resist!! we picked a print and bought the entire stock!! we plan to make them into curtains for our entire sala. sana we can also have some of this furniture shipped to manila. haay kung kasha lang sa maleta...
we also spotted habitat, a UK-based home design and furniture store started by terence conran in the 60s.
super chic stuff but super expensive too!
finally, we were introduced to a barcelona-based home store called vinçon. it's housed in a once-condemned old brick building, which they refurbished. but too bad other buildings were built in front of it, so you only see a hint of it from the street.
they have a whole section just for lights, another floor full of cute and cool stuff you don't need but desperately want to own, and upstairs has all the kitchen paraphernalia every home should have.
and we thought it was really cool how they collected and framed all their past shopping bags, and displayed them on the walls.
this is something a store like bench should do, especially since they often have special shopping bags depending on the season. below, one of our favorites :-)


House of Onika said...

IKEA and yes ZARA HOME please.

Rachelle said...

Bagay sayo ang crazy-print dining set at Zara Home!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Vinçon, one of my favorite home stores, if only we had a branch in Marseille.

Though one time I bought a polar blanket from them, and its red fibers stuck on everything ... my clothes, hair etc. so I left it in our Barcelona hotel room in frustration.