Monday, April 26, 2010

mad vs bkk

we're baaaack! so now we will experience first-hand the top three topics of facebook the four weeks we were away: election fever, the 35-degree heat, and the outrageous hike in meralco's bills. and bubbling under: jejemon. (what is it? and how do you pronounce it??) we spent the last two days in transit—left madrid saturday at 1pm and flew to bangkok for about 12 hours, then had a three-hour stopover in bangkok, then three hours flying from bangkok to manila, finally arriving at 1:30 sunday afternoon. and we got an upgrade on thai airways, all the way, baby, woo-hoo! haay so nice to fly business class on thai airways (hopefully soon we get to fly first class—the seats are so huge it's like having your own bedroom).
so being upgraded meant we got to hang out at the lounges. wow, the difference between the lounge in barajas and in suvarnabhumi—like day and night! first of all, the lounge in barajas is shared among many airlines. you are about to enter a no-wifi zone...
oops correction: there is wifi but it's not free, you have to pay for it. hmmm... and although the bar seemed fully stocked naman, there was nothing to eat but crackers and olives. and when we wanted to use the bathroom, oye! apparently the cleaning lady rules! first she was cleaning the ladies room, so no one was allowed in. women were queued up but she didn't care. later it was the men she wouldn't allow in, so they too had to wait in line. by the time we left, she was mopping the lobby area right in front of the restrooms and NOBODY was allowed to step on the floor! we said forget it we'll just use the toilet outside on the way to the gate.
what a contrast with the restrooms at the royal silk lounge (or lounges—they have several throughout the airport) at suvarnabhumi. there was an attendant standing outside the restrooms at all times to guide you with her hand which door to enter. with matching sawasdee ka greeting! and there were lots of light finger foods and snacks to choose from. we especially liked the mini-siopaos with different meats: pork, chicken, shrimp.. plus free wifi! we got to check our email, facebook, and chat. so pleasant. and sorry no photo! we had such a nice, relaxing time that pulling out a camera was the last thing on our mind...

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