Saturday, April 17, 2010

manila events

we've been thinking about home a lot since this whole ashfall disaster began, wondering if our flight will be canceled, delayed, or diverted! oh well no point in worrying about it, we can't do anything about it but pray the situation improves. we guess there's no better place to be stranded in than in madrid! but still... ooh there were so many events in manila that we missed the past couple weeks! post-holy week, the deluge of launches and fashion shows began! lots of fun activities we've been missing. we get to see the post-event photos on facebook and assorted blogs. this is what we missed so far: plus jewelmer's opening in marquee mall, olay body summer fashion walkoff at greenbelt 5, songkran festival at the thailand ambassador's residence, thai airways' 50th anniversary at dusit thani poolside, kira plastinina's shangri-plaza opening and personal appearance, katrina ponce enrile's 50th birthday at whitespace, and assorted exhibit openings. and here's what we're going to miss this coming week: hope to see facebook photos and blog reports. enjoy, everyone!

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