Sunday, April 11, 2010

outlet shopping, part 2

we just realized that there are actually a couple of places in the city where you can do some "outlet shopping." one is in a store called lefties, (yes, with matching comma; like royce' with the apostrophe). years ago, this store used to sell clearance and off-season merchandise from zara. the first time we went there back in 2005, nahilo kami sa gulo. there were clothes strewn all over the place, and shoes all over the floor and not in the correct size shelf. but now it's just a little bit more orderly and they even carry their own line of clothes and shoes labeled lefties,. mostly basics like tees and cardis, and footwear like ballet flats and sandals. you'll find lefties, all over the city.
another brand that has a "secret outlet" is popular spanish brand salvador bachiller. they sell leather goods like bags, shoes, wallets, suitcases, etc for men and women in neutral colors, as well as in "juicy" shades like orange, green, and yellow. their branch on calle alberto aguilera has the complete line on the ground floor (street level), but don't fail to go one floor down and look for the narrow entranceway with a sign that says "outlet"—there you'll find stuff marked down up to 80%! but look well because some of them are damaged or soiled.

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