Thursday, April 22, 2010

outlet shopping, part 3

today, we decided to go to chueca, which is known in madrid as the "gay district." this used to be a really rundown, dangerous neighborhood, till the gay community decided to clean it up and make it a hip village with cool and funky boutiques, cafés, and residential areas. and look what we found! an outlet for mango!
from the outside, it looks just like a regular mango shop. but once you step inside, you can't miss the doorway marked "outlet," which leads to a staircase to the second floor. (the current-season collection is on the ground floor.)
there you'll find mango's past-season merchandise, including stuff we bought at full price in manila, damn!
and, yes, you can go shopping with your man (or your gay best friend) because they also carry he by mango, their menswear line introduced several years ago. isn't this available in manila yet??

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Anonymous said...

What? No mangoes?