Saturday, April 10, 2010

outlet shopping

when we get back to manila, first thing on our to-do list (after picking up our doggy, whom we miss soooooo much huhuhu) is to continue de-cluttering. we have two big balikbayan boxes into which assorted junk goes. one is filled up na. so we have been controlling our shopping whilst on holiday in madrid. no buying of stuff we don't need! only stuff we can't live without! hehe.. so we've been avoiding el corte inglés and other fashion shops. but when it comes to outlet shopping, well, you're actually saving, right?? we got to go to two outlets, both located in the outskirts of madrid the city. first was las rozas village, which is patterned after those open-air outlet malls in california. the first time we shopped here five years ago, we started taking pictures and were promptly reprimanded—in spanish! qué? por qué?? pero yo soy una turista! the guardia civil didn't care. (exagg! guardia lang sha.) so this time, we had to take some snaps surreptitiously...
they have international brands like burberry, bally, diane von furstenberg, and carolina herrera (who's HUGE in spain); as well as spanish designers like pedro del hierro, jesus del pozo, and purificacion garcia, and spanish brands like castañer, bimba & lola, and hoss.
the weather was nice and sunny when we went, but what happens when it starts raining? it won't be easy to go from shop to shop.
that's what happened (rained, that is) when we went to another outlet called the factory, which, thankfully, is a regular enclosed mall.
they have outlet shops for spanish faves zara, mango, and massimo dutti, and international brands nike, pepe jeans, and samsonite. and more!
and what did i buy? all for pasalubong! outlets are the best place to buy them! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Were you stranded because of the volcanic ash in Iceland?

Cheryl said...

I remember when I was in Barcelona, I kindly ask the store owner if I can take a picture of the display window, aba ayaw din niya at nagalit pa!

They´re very strict in Spain, you can´t take photos in the major museums and in the royal palaces. Buti pa sa Paris you can take photos sa Louvre and Versailles.