Tuesday, April 27, 2010

who he?

ok, so time to get back into the swing of things! today we attended our first event since we'd been back. and we were late! madrid is six hours behind manila, and when you come back from europe and you're jet lagging, you're in bed tossing and turning till you fall asleep at around 4 in the morning. so today we woke up at 12 noon. and didn't get out of bed till 1pm. which means by the time we got to the sinéquanone event in greenbelt 5 by 4pm, the show was over! (event started at 3pm.) oh well. so we hung out and chit-chatted with the remaining guests, catching up on what's what and who's who in manila. as we were doing this, a cute young guy approached our little group and introduced himself, asking who was in charge of the show. we thought he wanted to sell us something. instead he told us he wants to be a model daw. what do you think:
his name is joseph boustani, a half-filipino and half-lebanese boy. he bragged that he was featured in the latest issue of cosmopolitan philippines as one of summer's steamy studs. they call him "leyte's luscious looker" (his mom is from leyte):
he told us to vote for him on cosmo's website. he even passed out pieces of paper with the website link and instructions, and his name typed out, including his email address. plus he's on facebook daw and he doesn't ignore anyone who wants to be his friend. ma-abilidad! he's really cute, but we couldn't get over how short he was. he was shorter than us and we were in flats! (let's just say we're taller than madonna, but shorter than, er, heidi klum.) if you think he deserves to win, go to www.cosmo.ph and click on cosmo hunk finder and vote for joseph! open till may 15!


Anonymous said...

hmmm...the fez is pasado but if you're saying he's short then that could be a drawback for him. I dunno but somehow being a model is associated with being tall that's if he wants to do ramp...pero pwede na rin sa print and tv. IMO though. Welcome back!


I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

with a better haircut, pwede siguro sa showbiz?

the fash pack said...

thanks, misty :-)

Anonymous said...

He very Handsome!