Sunday, May 30, 2010

centralworld memories

just saw this in today's newspaper:

Thai authorities lift curfew imposed after deadly unrest—PM

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 17:37:00 05/29/2010

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BANGKOK--Thailand's authorities have lifted a night-time curfew imposed 10 days earlier in Bangkok and 23 provinces after deadly anti-government protests, the prime minister said Saturday.

"The curfew will be lifted but the state of emergency will remain in place," Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva told reporters.

He said security officials had proposed ending the measure "as the situation is under control."

The curfew was imposed on May 19 after enraged protesters went on a rampage of arson following an army crackdown on their mass rally, which descended into several outbreaks of violence that left 88 people dead since mid-March.


we're happy to hear that. we were shocked and saddened by all that was happening in bangkok, but can you imagine how its residents must have felt? especially when the red shirts starting burning down buildings, including the relatively new centralworld mall! in the days following that incident, the centralworld website even put out this announcement (click to enlarge and read):
we had only been there once and we vowed to go back one day because the mall is (rather, was) so huge, we only got to see probably half of it. it was back in holy week 2008, as strolled through the mall, we heard this happy sound wafting through the air and searched for the source. it was a band playing in the middle. people gathered around them to watch and kids started dancing. we have no idea who they are, but we just thought we'd share the video we took. hope you enjoy it too :-)

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