Sunday, May 02, 2010

home alone

tonight we are home alone with the doggy and a bottle of wine with which to drown our sorrows. because the hubby procrastinated buying tickets to the tears for fears concert that when he finally did, there was only one left. it was sold out! so sold out that the producers are thinking of having a repeat on may 9... so yes he is there right now without us! it's like one big 80s-themed party at the araneta coliseum and we were not invited waaaahhh!!! whatever. we've actually seen tears for fears live in concert back in the 80s when they were actually huge and at the top of their musical career and not some has-been 80s band. bitter ocampo ba???
anyhoo, there are so many other things to do. we watched america's next top model cycle 14. is this current? we have no idea. we just like to watch ANTM, old cycle or new. we don't really like all the drama, we just like watching the shoots and the results.
then we watched glee. yes, we are a gleek. we were a little late in the game and would often watch it with one eye (the other eye was on the computer). till we finally got sucked in, not by the songs but by the characters and the dialogue. it really is a brilliant show!
right now, we are half-heartedly watching bride wars on star movies. why are there english subtitles? and when there are words like shit, they change it to crap, haha! and omg we were shocked when commercials suddenly came on in the middle of the movie!! is this a usual thing?? dude, we can just watch network TV and not cable TV if this is the case!!

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