Thursday, May 20, 2010

jollibee on glee

ok, back to regular programming! so did you watch yesterday's episode of "glee" on ETC? people on facebook and twitter were talking about the cameo appearance of jollibee on the "dream on" episode. ok, just like some people we thought (hoped?) it was the bee's hollywood debut:

hahaha that picture cracked us up when we saw it on one of our FB friends' status. he said that this was how he imagined the appearance to look like. in reality, the jollibee appearance was during a fantasy sequence of artie, the guy in the wheelchair. he was in the mall with tina and while she went to get him a burger (not jollibee) pretzel, he imagined himself getting up and dancing and starting a flash mob in the middle of the mall. you can see the distinct red jollibee logo behind them, mostly on the right side of the screen. here's a video of that scene!

and no this was not shot in mall of asia (where jollibee started a flash mob last year)! it was shot in eagle rock plaza, a mall in los angeles, which a lot of filipinos frequent apparently. according to wikipedia, a lot of scenes in movies, TV shows, and music videos have been shot in this LA neighborhood. and if you missed the episode last night, you can catch it on star world next wednesday after the finals of "american idol." (casey james FTW!!!)

(dancing jollibee photo courtesy of giancarlo herman)

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