Friday, May 21, 2010


what is going on out there?? the world is a never-ending cacophony of accusations, complaints, demands, protests, gunfire, explosions, and yes, even the groan of our weight against the weighing scale. just how did those pounds creep up?? but life goes on. if we allow these dissidents to rule our lives, then we should just stay home under the covers and never leave our bed. so yesterday we ventured out... into greenhills. it's been a while since we last checked out the counterfeit stash. at aba! ibang level na ang mga fake ngayon! if before we spotted a speedy bag with a gucci monogram splattered with murakami cherries (swear!), this time it was all sorts of products we didn't know louis vuitton made! check out these toilet-paper holders:
they come in the rectangular shape too for tissue paper. at may basurahan pa—in two sizes! and take note of the box in the bottom—chanel car-seat covers!
and if you want to outfit your entire car with logos, why, you can! this particular stall had steering-wheel covers, lumbar-support pillows, and brake-pedal covers!
plus, rubber mats for the floor of your car. and these don't come cheap—each one is about P3,000! (ok, we had to ask...)
and speaking of prices, there doesn't seem to be a standardizing of prices in greenhills. a 25-cm "birkin" is the same price as a 50-cm: P25,000! ang mahal ha! so forget those fakes, don't ever buy one, you'll just be supporting terrorists. instead, why don't you buy this speedy-inspired bag made of banig with faux leather handles:
price is only P950—at may tawad pa!


libys11 said...

hahahaha.. ibang klase talaga sa greenhills ha! :D i love that banig one!! :D i miss that place (i live in canada na kasi..)

Anonymous said...

someone told me that technically they're not fake. im not personally sure but the copyright laws have it that for it to be considered fake, there has to be an intent to copy an original--therefore if an original doesn't exist (wala namang original na LV basurahan right?) therefore it's not a fake (ang galing ng logic, IKR!)

that's why daw, the greenhills/168 people can get away with the ones na alam agad na...well..."fake" the ones who get caught are the ones doing class "A" bags that really do look like the real thing (down to the stitching)

urban legend: a gucci belt was bought in greenhills , brought to the US; when it got damaged, they had it repaired sa gucci shop--no questions were asked, it was repaired! Bongga!

Anonymous said...

OMG that's funny! Brake pedal cover and rubbermats! I wonder what my husband will say if i(hypothetically) buy that for my car. *faint*

the fash pack said...

anonymous, we guess there are many loopholes in copyright laws, down to tiny little details, like size/number of stitches and similar fonts. but we would think that using universally recognized logos should be enough!

we heard a similar urban legend about a fake louis vuitton bag being repaired in a paris shop and the copy was so good, they didn't realize it was a fake! (siguro apprentice ang nag-repair haha)