Monday, May 31, 2010

PFW holiday 2010

yesterday was the last day of philippine fashion week—and the first day that we attended! unfortunately, PFW was not top of mind for us. because we are no longer directly involved in fashion (like we were when we were an editor), there is no sense of urgency to attend and cover it, other than to see what's/who's new or to support designer friends. but the fact is there are so many new names on the list that we don't know more than half of them. and we don't know if bloggers are given the same kind of "importance" the rest of the world has given them. hello, bryanboy on the front row of the newyorklondonmilanparis shows! seated just a couple seats away from anna wintour!! that she featured him and other fashion bloggers on the pages of vogue!!! oh well maybe the PFW peeps did give bloggers "importance" and the fash pack was just not part of the list. hmmm... anyhoo we went to see the "show" of marlon rivera. we missed his debut the other year, and his second show last year, that we promised ourselves we would not miss it this year. well, we might as well have missed it anyway! because after a 15-minute artsy-fartsy video starring jo ann bitagcol and the national museum, marlon came out with his models and bowed.
that's it?? that's it!! that was the show!! as we were scratching our heads wondering if there was more, director joey espino came out and said, that's it, that's the end!! naloka kami!! haay mga high-concept chuva, just goes over our heads. we wanted to see some clothes! as ricky villabona said, it's a fashion show for the youtube generation... oh well that meant we had plenty of time to scoot over to mall of asia to catch the human-kashieca-bench show.
being kind of out of touch with the new documentation-generation of showbiz celebs, there were plenty we didn't recognize. this gal below received one of the loudest cheers and screams from the mall crowd. can someone please tell us who she is??
they also had a kids' portion for bench's tweens line. juliana gomez was there and her daddy richard was in the front row to cheer her on. unfortunately, mommy lucy was not there kasi she has a new job na: congressman of ormoc.
but it was this kid who got the loudest cheers and screams. who is this kid??
another one who got a lot of cheers and screams was coco martin, who stars in the film "noy," which is not about noynoy aquino but about a journalist named noy who follows noynoy during his campaign period. last friday, we were at power plant and the mall was buzzing, we couldn't figure out why. finally we saw the bodyguards and the security and the photographers and the usiseros: noynoy aquino and entourage were in the mall to attend the premiere of "noy."
and of course how can we miss our crush diether :-) sigh...
our photos are kinda blurry.. must be a wrong setting. we can never figure out what setting to use for fashion shows! it's really tricky!


Rachelle said...

Crush mo pa rin si Diether, fashpack? Ang tagal tagal na nyan! Hehehe =)

the fash pack said...

we're old school like that haha

Anonymous said...

I believe that's Melai of "Melason" fame (although I use "fame" very loosely here), from PBB.

Disclaimer: I only know because I heard someone at work saying how she was cheered the loudest at the Bench show. Person who made the comment was shocked herself. We're snobs like that ;P

Anonymous said...

ThAt's melai- pbb big winner... The kid is "santino" from abs cbn