Tuesday, May 11, 2010

that's mr. president to you

a lot of green hearts were broken today. on the other hand, a lot of yellow ones are singing. the fat lady hasn't sung yet, but we are not like erap. last night pa lang, nag-concede na kami. you just couldn't beat his lead. we concede that in a month and a half's time, the philippines will have a new president in the person of benigno aquino III. congratulations, noynoy. even if we didn't vote for you, we as a filipino respect the final outcome of this democratic exercise and hope to god that the majority has made the right choice—we won't know till noynoy is well into his term, but we wish him the best of luck and pray that he begins the positive change that we are all hoping for. we sometimes wish there was a crystal ball that we could just look into and see what the philippines will look like at the end of each candidate's term. then it would be much much easier to make the choice.

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