Thursday, May 27, 2010

the vara bow

if chanel has the camellia and gucci has the horsebit, salvatore ferragamo has the bow as one its iconic symbols. they call it the vara—a buckle with a grosgrain ribbon, which was originally used to decorate a flat shoe back in 1978. a staple every season, to date, the vara shoe has sold over a million pairs and the vara bow eventually found its way into other items like heels, bags, belts, headbands, keychains, and today, into a bottle of perfume. all we can say is, what took them so long??
isn't it pretty? the fragrance is called incanto bloom. we love the black-and-white color scheme with a pop of pink and sprigs of dandelions blooming from the edges. and the scent is actually nice and light; goes well with the current heat and humidity we've been experiencing. (heavy scents never do well in this country. to wit: we heard that the best-selling fragrance in local department stores is still CKone!) it's young but sophisticated. and to illustrate who the incanto bloom woman is, there was a mini-launch at the salvatore ferragamo store in greenbelt 4. (take note of the vara heels and purses...)
some people may find salvatore ferragamo's accessories boring, but the brand does have its market: women who prefer more classic, "quiet," and not-super-trendy accessories. we just wish, though, that SSI would bring in some of the more fashion-forward designs, which we only get to see on or when we travel abroad! but check out the other pieces from the new collection of vara bags and shoes, now available at the store. you might like 'em... (personally, we like the printed totes and shoes :-)

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